Auto Repair Plastic Gift Card Mailers

A high end mailer with even higher response rates.

Stand out against the competiton with Plastic Gift Card Mailers for your auto repair shop.

Our plastic postcard and gift card mailers offer all the benefits of traditional direct mail, but with an elevated look and feel. Since they're laminated, they look sharp and feel great, and with the thickness of a credit card, they stand out among the other mail your customers receive in their mailbox.

Add in the option of personalized variable messaging, where you can create custom, unique messaging for each recipient of your plastic postcard mailer, for a huge response rate—upwards of 900% ROI!

We have a variety of plastic postcard templates to promote your unique marketing goals, such as:

  • Snap-out Gift Cards
  • Snap-out Key Tags
  • Variable Data Personalization

Our plastic postcard mailers make it easy to connect with new customers, and re-connect with your best customers, in reliable, high-impact ways!

Plastic Mailer

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