Specialty Products

UpSwell offers specialty products proven to perform in your industry.

Specialty products can be extremely effective tools to establish rapport and connect with your customers. We offer an array of products that are proven to perform in the auto repair, fitness, dental, and home services industries.

One example of a specialty product we recommend is Loyalty Cards. Loyalty cards can be used to reward your customers and encourage future transactions. For our auto repair businesses, we recommend offering customer rewards cards, oil change coupon packs, tire rotation cards. Our 5-pack oil change card is particularly popular. With the 5 pack, the customer can purchase 5 oil changes at a discounted price. This incentivizes repeat visits and gives the shop owner additional opportunities to perform safety inspections.

Key tags are a great way to stay top of mind with your customers. For our auto repair shops, key tags can be given to customers after they leave the shop. Small plastic tags can be branded with your shop’s name and discounted oil change price and can be placed on the customer’s key ring or in their wallet/purse. With unique trackable numbers on the tag, you can track which car belongs to which customer.

Key tags are also a valuable tool for our fitness centers. Plastic key tags with trackable barcodes can be distributed to your members to scan and gain access to your facility.

For more information on our industry specific specialty items, contact our marketing experts below.

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