Case Study

Creekbridge Fitness


How fitness marketing translates to bigger business


Creekbridge Fitness became a full-service social media client of ours not long after social media started to get big in fitness marketing . They counted on UpSwell for both content creation and ad management, and for years got good results from a modest, $250 monthly media spend on Facebook alone.

But letting good be good enough isn’t how Upswell became a leading health club marketing company. Both we and the client wanted more. We decided to augment our successful English-language campaign with an outreach to the huge Spanish-speaking market in their California location.


In addition to expanding to a new market segment, we encouraged the client to test alternate offers. We created a plan for an increased spend of $1000 a month on Facebook, split equally between four different ads, one in each language for each offer:

  • $250 – $0 Enrollment (English)
  • $250 – $0 Enrollment (Spanish)
  • $250 – 10-Day VIP Pass (English)
  • $250 – 10-Day VIP Pass (Spanish)

Based on our deep experience in digital fitness marketing, we were confident that expanding both reach and budget would pay off handsomely. The client was not disappointed.


different ads tested


significant lead increase


decrease in cost per lead

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