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Senior management

Tim Ross - President, Co-Founder

Tim Ross

Jon Butts SVP of Marketing, Co-Founder

Jon Butts
Board Advisor

Nelson Rodenmayer - SVP of Sales

Nelson Rodenmayer
SVP of Sales & Marketing

Jason Forrester - VP of Client Services

Jason Forrester
VP of Client Services


Kristin Liebman
VP of Finance

Jeff Rackley Operations Director

Jeff Rackley
Operations Director

Marketing consultants

Jillian Curl Marketing Consultant

Jillian Curl

John Johnson Senior Marketing Consultant

John Johnson

Tammy Jones Senior Marketing Consultant

Tammy Jones

Tyler Maner Marketing Consultant

Tyler Maner

Tim Monacella Executive Marketing Consultant

Tim Monacella

Reed Parker Executive Marketing Consultant

Reed Parker

Les Porter Marketing Consultant

Les Porter

Jeff Snyder Executive Marketing Consultant

Jeff Snyder

Account management

Mari Allison Senior Account Manager

Mari Allison

Tom Entz Senior Account Manager, Team Lead

Tom Entz

Sandi Fahmy Senior Account Manager

Sandi Fahmy

Addison Harris Account Support Specialist

Addison Harris

Manaal Kamdar Account Manager

Manaal Kamdar

Joseph Lovaglio Account Manager

Joseph Lovaglio

Brian Prater Senior Account ManagerSenior Account Manager

Brian Prater

Jeremy Sykes Account Support Specialist

Jeremy Sykes

Amber Teel Senior Account Manager

Amber Teel

Design | Production

Katie Banks Graphic Designer

Katie Banks

Kyla Baxter Graphic Designer, Team Lead

Kyla Baxter

Taniesha Bowen Graphic Designer

Taneisha Bowen

Tony Butler Graphic Designer

Tony Butler

Steven Howard Graphic Designer

Steven Howard

Ramsey Knight Graphic Designer

Ramsey Knight

Carly Maner Production Supervisor

Carly Maner

Jason McAuley Graphic Designer

Jason McAuley

Michelle Strickland Graphic Designer, Team Lead

Michelle Strickland

Digital | Marketing | Technology

Annie Burch Corporate Brand Manager

Annie Burch

Eric Davis Digital Product Manager

Eric Davis


Austin Fowler

Ahmed Ramli Data Analytics Manager

Ahmed Ramli

Madison Sosebee Digital Marketing Coordinator

Madison Sosebee

Cydne Wright Marketing Manager

Cydne Wright

Accounting | Human Resources

Noemi Anthony Human Resources Manager

Noemi Anthony

Brad BunderBrad Bunder Senior AccountantSenior Accountant

Brad Bunder

Kevin Nolan Junior Staff Accountant

Kevin Nolan

Nissa Pirani Accounting Supervisor

Nissa Pirani


Bart Tapp

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