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HVAC Postcards Drive Roaring Response Rates

As an HVAC contractor, you probably see a regular seasonal shift in business. Often when the first scorching day of the summer hits or with the first chill of winter, there’s a surge in business. But what about in-between seasons during the lull when people aren’t in desperate need to fix their heating and air systems?

With so many marketing channels to choose from, it can be hard to nail down the most effective option, especially when working with a limited marketing budget.

We recommend incorporating the tried and true method of HVAC direct mail postcards into your marketing plan to get the best results.

Benefits of HVAC Postcards

HVAC direct mail postcards have proven to be highly successful with great response rates (–five to nine times more effective!) compared to other digital marketing strategies and can help you keep a steady flow of business.

Here are some of the key benefits to using HVAC direct mail to help you decide if it’s right for you:

  • Generates brand awareness and puts your brand in your customers’ hands
  • Gets you noticed and gets opened (almost a 90% open rate)
  • Less competition in the marketplace
  • Improves brand trust and customer relationships
  • Impressive targeting abilities with geotargeting
  • Highly trackable with the use of personal URLs, phone numbers, or exclusive offers
  • Continue profiting from repeat customers and experience consistent growth

Direct mail provides a strong presence and will get you noticed. It’s a more personal way to reach your customers in their homes. HVAC direct mail postcards are often kept on a fridge to return to later and are guaranteed to get into the hands of your customers.

The 40-40-20 Rule

Now considering those, the next step is to understand where to focus your HVAC direct mail efforts in order to gain those benefits and result in a successful campaign. The trick is to follow the 40-40-20 rule. This is a principle that has been used by direct marketers for decades. It suggests 40% of your success relies on the offer you give, 40% on the audience you send it to, and 20% on everything else including presentation and your message copy.

Let’s break it down in a little more detail.

  • Offer — Providing a value-rich offer incentivizes your prospects to act and will grab their attention. Get to know their wants and needs, then entice them with a time-sensitive offer they won’t want to miss. Generating new business from a special offer can result in repeat business and loyal customers, making it easier to gain referrals (–and grow your business).
  • List — The audience you choose can make or break your direct mail campaign. As you’re creating your mailing list, include more than just basic information. Build more value to help you segment your lists by adding key pieces of information such as the square footage or age of the house or even the type of HVAC system they are currently using. 
  • Copy — The last important element to a successful campaign is creating the right message that resonates with your audience. Use this as a chance to focus on your prospect’s needs. Include a clear call to action and a way to respond.

Although direct mail is great for finding new prospects and generating leads, you should always have a healthy mix of digital marketing as well to see the best results. At UpSwell, we make it easy to set up your HVAC direct mail postcards and strategize your marketing so you can spend more time and energy on your customers.

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