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We’ve mailed over 1 BILLION targeted direct mail postcards. How’s that for experience?

We specialize in effective direct mail advertising that generates new customers.

If you’re considering direct mail marketing — including USPS Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) — as a way to attract new customers to your business, the team at UpSwell Marketing is here to guide you every step of the way. Direct mail marketing can have big pay offs when it comes to response rate and revenue generated—but you don’t want to trust just any direct mail company to handle your hard earned marketing dollars.

At UpSwell, direct mail marketing is our specialty. In fact, we’ve mailed over 1 BILLION postcards for small businesses all over the country. From strategy and targeting, to design and delivery, we handle it all. Through tested methods, we develop and launch targeted mail campaigns based on layers of criteria and demographics for your specific industry and business.

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Our direct mail programs go beyond just printing and shipping mailers. We use a focused market and demographic analysis process that provides us the guidance to build an effective targeted direct mail campaign for your business. Based on your unique industry and objectives, we’ll help you choose the best direct mail product and size to achieve your marketing goals. We then prepare all the materials for you from start to finish—including design, addressing, mailing list services, printing, postage, and trucking.

We’ve got the process down to a science

Before a single direct mail postcard gets designed or mailed, we run a thorough demographic analysis against your customer database to help identify the specific routes and neighborhoods that are likeliest to produce top response for your business. Not only does this ensure that you are not wasting precious marketing dollars mailing to homes that are unlikely to convert, but we also use your target customer profile to determine which promotions will work best to motivate your community to respond.

Having a great direct mail design is key to your campaign’s success, and UpSwell’s creative team is the best in the business. Over 15 years and 150,000 campaigns, we’ve discovered the best offers, calls to action, and imagery to drive customer response in your industry. Already have an in-house design team? We can help with that too! Whether we design custom artwork or use a design you provide, each card is tripled checked by our team for any quality issues or errors before printing.

Interested in designing your own postcard?

Check out our new self-serve portal. It’s a great option if you need small quantity mailings with lower marketing budgets, or if you just want a little more design control. 

Get new customers – fast

Need something out even faster? We’ve got you covered with our 24-hour print and mail.

Upon artwork approval, we will rush your mailers to print, and purchase the targeted mail list. All mailers will be professionally ink jetted, have postage paid, and drop shipped directly to your local post office where they will ultimately be delivered into homes. We take care of all the hard work, so you can focus on what you do best – running your business. Getting new customers has never been easier!

Weekly flex mailing program

Direct mail marketing just got easier and more affordable with the Weekly Flex Mailing Program. Customize your mailing to a weekly mailing and billing schedule that meets your budget needs, allow you to control your customer flow, and maintains a consistent marketing program for your business.

See your potential customer lifetime value, and your short and long-term direct mail return on investment results with our direct mail ROI calculator.

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Our goal at UpSwell is to find you new customers through smarter marketing. Read our case studies to see our targeted direct mail in action.

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