Geofencing Marketing & Strategy

Geofencing is one of the smartest and most effective ways to use mobile marketing.

Activate mobile geofencing - the fastest way to reach customers.

Reach people where they are already spending the most time – on their cell phones.

Geofencing is one of the smartest and most effective ways to use mobile marketing. We use mobile geo-targeting to create a virtual fence around real-world locations to engage customers on their mobile devices wherever they live, work, and play. The experts at UpSwell lead the way for you to take advance of this highly responsive geofencing based marketing method which provides an easy way for customers to visit your online signup page or access special offers right from their cell phone.

UpSwell has the no-hassle know-how to get you started today.


Combine direct mail with mobile marketing with Mail2Mobile!

Pair your direct mail with mobile geofencing and maximize your response rates. Make your direct mail campaigns even more impactful by serving mobile ad impressions to the same specific houses that receive your mailer. You'll capture more attention from potential customers with multiple media, boosting your brand recognition and response. With Mail2Mobile, we'll send corresponding mobile ads to the same houses that you send physical mail to, both before and after the mailer arrives. Talk about a powerful 1-2 punch, blending traditional and digital tactics! The best part is, we can get it all up and running within a week. High fives all around! 


See how one UpSwell client increased their response rate by 8% by pairing mobile ads with their direct mail in the case study below!

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