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Believe it or not, email can be something people actually like to get. When you provide value to your potential customers, they pay attention.

The key to email marketing for small businesses is the quality of your email distribution lists. Your hard work creating company emails won't matter if it gets mis-delivered or if it goes to someone who lives hundreds of miles from your business. The experts at UpSwell have access to the highest targeted email lists which not only focus on the most relevant areas around your business, but also drills down to reach an audience that matters, through demographic targeting based on age, gender, income and lifestyle interests.

Most importantly, we ensure your email audience has opted-in to receiving your message so you be be confident that your emails are going to the people who are most open to and in need of the services that you provide. Our specialized methods lead the way to make your email marketing more effective and attract even more potential customers.

Our designs, subject lines, and call-to-actions are based on email best practices and are proven to increase both your open rates and your conversions. Ready to get started?

Email marketing

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