Case Study

Burt Brothers


20:1 ROI with postcard marketing via data-driven targeting


Burt Brothers Tire and Auto Repair is a leader in northern Utah. It has 12 locations. It’s one of Bridgestone’s top dealers. And it has no intention to quit growing.

That’s why, when Burt’s leaders heard UpSwell present to Bridgestone’s elite Ad Council, they issued us a challenge. “Can you take a really successful auto repair direct mail program and make it even better?” We said yes. “But will it really crank our car count off the charts?” Absolutely. “And can you deliver ROI like we’ve never seen before.” Just try us.


So they did try us, for a test campaign. We applied the experience gained from helping 5000 auto repair shops, big and small. We dove into understanding their growth goals, their staffing, their customer data.

We ran penetration reports, revealing exactly the right areas to mail in each market. Analyzing the latest market trends, we selected the most powerful offers for direct mail. Our data-driven approach even determined the optimal quantity for mailing – 10,000 postcards mailed four times over two months.

Direct mail postcards


new customer visits per location


incremental income generated per location

20 to 1

Return on Investment

“With UpSwell’s targeted approach, we are able to drill down and focus on mailing the right type of customers that fit our demographics, versus blanketing the entire market. I like that they show you calls that come in from the mailers, and do post campaign analytics that show you the customers they brought through the door. Their campaigns have been very effective and drive strong ROI.”

Jeremy Burt
Co-owner, Burt Brothers

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