356% ROI with Digital Booster 2.0


TFG Automotive is an auto repair shop serving Middle Tennessee. Their focus is being a dealership alternative for all automotive needs. They offedealership level service, mechanics, and equipment without the dealership price. TFG Automotive are long-time clients of UpSwell, but in the past only focused on direct mail. They were using another company for their digital marketing, but something wasn’t connecting because their business was flat. They hired more staff so they could increase marketing in Q4 all they needed was the marketing solution that was going to increase their car count drastically.


The first problem we wanted to solve was getting all of their marketing under one roof so that the messaging of their marketing campaign would be cohesive. TFG Automotive’s digital provider did not offer tactics that included direct mail and digital marketing combined. We were already running direct mail for their shop and knew that our new digital service, Digital Booster 2.0, would be the perfect solution.

Digital Booster 2.0 combines postcard direct marketing, mobile display advertising and social paid advertising with landing pages. We knew that Digital Booster 2.0 would hyper target TFGAutomotive’s ideal customers offline and online, boost postcard impressions by more than 10x and, most importantly, increase their response rates.


The Results

Postcards Mailed

Mobile Ad Impressions Served

Social Ad Impressions Served

Visits to the Shop from Direct Mail and Digital Ads

Visits to Custom Landing Page

Invested in the Campaign

Generated by the Campaign


Return On Investment

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June 1st - September 3oth

50% OFF

Digital Management Fees
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$750 value!

*This offer is for customers who have not previously used UpSwell’s digital marketing services for PPC Search or Social Media Ads. The Digital Splash promotion requires a minimum 3-month commitment to either social media ads or pay-per-click, and a media spend of at least $1,000 per channel. A one-time new customer set up fee of $150 will be charged upon signature of the contract. Contact UpSwell Marketing for details.