Direct mail Creates a Surge of New Member Sign-Ups


Stretch Zone Lincoln Heights had utilized direct mail marketing in the past and received HUGE response, but when the pandemic hit in 2020, they paused their print marketing until they were able to safely reopen their studio. After re-opening in the fall, they noticed their current members were returning, but that their digital marketing was providing less lead generation for them than it had before. 


The members of the Stretch Zone Lincoln Heights have an average age of 50-70, and prefer to do things the old fashioned way, making direct mail a great fit for this group. UpSwell sent postcards to 10,000 houses around the Lincoln Heights studio that best matched their ideal customer profile. Their offer of a Free Stretch brought in 18 enrollments for a 3 month membership – generating $17,280 in revenue! This could turn into recurring revenue for Stretch Zone Lincoln Heights if these members continue to renew their membership for additional months. It’s not a stretch to say this campaign was a success! 


“My particular demographic for my Studio LOVES mailers! So much so that they actually walk into the Studio with the mailer in their hands! Love the results that we have had at this Studio with our mailers.” – Kathryn Comfort, Franchise Owner Stretch Zone | Lincoln Heights | San Antonio 

The Results

Households Mailed


Generated Revenue


Return On Investment

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