Direct Mail Marketing vs Mail2Mobile for Lower CPA


For Eyes optical shops and Upswell had been working together for several years. We’d been constantly testing, learning, revising and advancing. But one area was not improving as much as we wanted: Cost Per Acquisition (CPA).

The client wanted to get the CPA below $50. They were willing to expand both their budget and their marketing mix to achieve that. Our dedicated account manager on For Eyes recommended adding a new mobile marketing tool to the already successful postcard marketing program.


We put together a six-week-long Mail2Mobile program, a new approach that combines direct mail with mobile marketing. It gave us the power to deliver digital ads to the mobile devices of precisely-targeted prospects immediately before and after the direct mailers hit home. And by optimizing all creative units with consistent, eye-catching design, the messaging was as powerful as it was inescapable.

We also conducted an A/B test. The lists for 50 For Eyes locations got mobile ads plus direct mail. The other 50 stores got only the direct mail marketing. The Mail2Mobile group saw a dramatic drop in CPA and a corresponding rise in response rates.


The Results

While both groups are still performing well, the Mail2Mobile stores are currently associated with a 12% reduction in CPA. Also, their response rates are up 30%.

Mail2Mobile Cost Per Acquisition (CPA)

Direct Mail Cost Per Acquisition (CPA)


Mail2Mobile Response Rate


Direct Mail Response Rate

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