If you want to grow your gym, you have to be strategic with your marketing efforts. Competition is higher than ever on digital and social media spaces, which is why strategies like direct mail could be exactly what your gym needs to get noticed.

Here are five of the best gym direct mail pieces that will get more eyes on your fitness brand.

1. Personalized Mailers

Personalized direct mail increases your gym’s response rates by as much as 135 percent. Personalization gives personality to your club. Simply including the recipient’s name can make the difference between building a connection with your prospect and losing their business to a competitor.

This level of personalization can be easily accomplished with variable data printing, which allows you to personalize your gym direct mail piece right down to the images and copy. Adding that small personal touch can spark an emotional response, making your prospect feel valued and swayed to take action. 

Building an emotional connection is often overlooked and undervalued, when in fact, consumers who share an emotional connection with a brand have a 306% higher lifetime value.

2. Plastic Postcard Mailers

Plastic postcards have a sense of exclusivity and build value for the customer. Plastic mailers have seen a 24% higher response rate than mailers printed on traditional cardstock. Many people have a hard time immediately throwing them away because of their luxurious nature, and when combined with personalized messaging, you’ll see an ROI upwards of 900 percent!

Plastic mailers offer durability with a high-gloss laminate coating, allowing it to withstand the mailing process in one piece, looking brand new once it reaches the mailbox. These types of gym mailers instantly look and feel different which encourages your prospects to draw their attention to your fitness brand.

3. Scratch-Off Mailers

Everyone loves to win, and scratch-off mailers are a creative way to get your customers involved with your exclusive offer, incentivizing them to take action. By motivating customers to interact with your gym’s direct mail piece, they will build a valuable connection with your brand and boost customer engagement.

4. Gift Card Mailers

Based on consumer research, 76% of consumers are more likely to make a purchase or try a new service based on receiving a gift card in the mail. Gift card mailers are noticeable, offering high-quality graphics and thickness that grabs the attention of your prospects. These offers often find themselves in the wallets of your customers and serve as a reminder for your fitness brand every time they open their wallet. There are also options for advanced tracking with magnetic stripe technology that can help you discover audience segments that find your offer more relevant to their needs.

5. Variable Data Letters

Personalization plays a huge role in the success of your gym direct mail campaign. With the customization offered through variable data, you can send out marketing materials that are targeted right down to the name and interests of the recipient. Variable data letters are a highly personalized option for sending relevant news, updates, or information on special discount pricing. Letters are more formal than a traditional postcard and give the piece an extra sense of professionalism.

Any one of these options is sure to make your response rates skyrocket and generate more interest for your gym. When you partner with UpSwell, we can set up a mailing schedule that is affordable, follows your own budget, and successfully reaches your target audience. Contact the fitness marketing experts today for a free assessment.

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