When it comes to your automotive direct mail campaigns, you want to make sure you’re getting the most out of your money and reaching the right prospects. A direct mailer is one of the most personal and effective methods of marketing communication, generating a 4.4% response rate.

When starting your campaign, keep these five tips in mind:

1. Choosing the correct size and type of mailer.

The size and type of mailer you use for your campaign can play a big factor in its success. Choosing the right one that fits your message and purpose could mean saving hundreds (or even thousands) in your marketing budget and lead to a higher success rate.

Think about factors that could affect how your customers respond to your mailer and your purpose. The size of your message may dictate the size and type of mailer you use. Try to consider all possible factors for how it will be received and what actions you want your customers to take.

A few popular types of mailers include:

  • Postcards – (6” x 11” to 8” x 11”) versatile, simple, and cost-effective
  • Newsletters – bifolds and brochures that do not require an envelope and offer more space for details about your company and seasonal offers
  • Plastic Gift Card Mailers – a high-end, laminated postcard with a pop-off gift card. Perfect for seasonal specials!
  • Envelope Mailers – a great way to keep in touch with your customers by sending them personalized messaging and offers

2. Have a compelling call to action.

Your whole purpose for direct mail is to elicit a response from your customers. Are you looking to raise brand awareness, inform your readers of your promotional deals, or showcase a new product or service? Whatever that may be, your message needs to be clear and concise and offer an actionable step in response.

Giving your readers something of value with a sense of urgency will push them to take action. You may consider adding discounted services such as oil changes, tire rotations, or wheel alignments. Even offering a free diagnostic could get a new customer in the door. Just be sure that your call to action clearly indicates how they will benefit and how they can take action.

3. Create an eye-catching design.

With direct mail campaigns, you have only one quick chance to make an impression and catch your reader’s eye. The worst thing that could happen is your mailer getting tossed in the junk pile. Keep your design simple and to the point. Choose colors that are bright, but don’t overwhelm your reader with a cluttered design.

4. Use personalization.

Personalization for direct mail marketing can be a powerful tool. By personalizing your mailer for a specific demographic, your audience will be more likely to relate to your message. Two methods for getting the most out of your campaign through personalization are:

Personalized Uniform Resource Locator (PURL):
This is a web address that is created for a specific targeted group. An individual landing page is set up and can have more personalized content that relates to the members of the group you are targeting.

Variable Data Printing (VDP):
This process allows you to alter the copy and design of select pieces to appeal to a specific audience. Your alterations could also include special offers that may only apply to a certain geographic location that wouldn’t apply elsewhere.

5. Include all essential information.

It’s important to include all of your essential information on the direct mailer to make it easier for your prospect to find your business. If your call to action says “call today,” you absolutely must include a phone number. Be sure to list any business information that would be helpful such as an address and website.

Planning direct mail campaigns for your automotive business doesn’t have to be hard or overwhelming. When choosing a marketing agency to help you, it’s important to find one who really understands your industry and can help you find the most profitable, loyal customers. Here at UpSwell, we offer you expert marketing help specifically in the automotive industry. We have over twelve years of experience with clients just like you and can even set you up with a free marketing assessment today! We look forward to helping you grow your business and find new customers.

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