Despite the changes we have seen in the way you interact with your customers in the automotive industry, the need for auto repair service isn’t going away any time soon. And although more people are working from home, we still rely on our vehicles to satisfy our craving for travel, visit friends, and experience new adventures.

We conducted a recent auto consumer survey to look deeper at consumer decision-making, and we found some interesting insights.

Dissatisfied Customers Are Hidden Treasures

Now when we say dissatisfied customers, we mean your competitor’s customers. Our research has led us to discover that most Americans are unsatisfied with their current auto shop provider. From our survey, only 34% of consumers are “always satisfied” with their current auto shop, leaving a remaining 66% of unsatisfied customers. This gives you the rare opportunity to snatch up that share of the market and sway them to switch to your auto repair shop.

You may be thinking, if I’m doing this to my competition’s customers, they must be doing the same to mine, right? Possibly, but by focusing on improving customer satisfaction, you can create lasting relationships and memorable customer experiences that will keep them coming back.

Igniting Memorable Customer Experiences

Based on our findings, we recommend the following to boost your customer satisfaction, acquisition, and retention:

  • Make your brand memorable. Use strategic marketing to provide educational and engaging content that is consistent with your brand. It’s essential to create a lasting impression, so the targeted consumers remember your auto shop when it’s time to get their vehicle serviced. Of those surveyed, 36% take their vehicle in to get serviced at least twice a year, so you have a couple of opportunities to convert those customers.
  • Stay engaged with your local community (–they’re your best customers!). You would be surprised by the number of respondents who prefer (and are more likely to trust) a local shop over a brand specialist or national chain. Fifty-two percent said they prefer to do vehicle repairs locally, with 35% having a preference for a dealer or brand specialist, and 10% who use national chains.
  • Differentiate yourself from your competitors. You can do this by including a special offer or promotion that your competition does not. The three most enticing offers to our survey respondents were a free tire rotation with an oil change, a discounted oil change, or a loyalty program.
  • Be fair, be a guide, and never be misleading. Your customers don’t want to feel as though you’re jacking up the prices with high estimates or trying to convince them to do work they don’t need. Introduce them to products and services that will actually solve their needs. Being authentic and offering easy-to-understand explanations of your services and prices will go a long way. In our survey, 78% of respondents believe that a fair price equates to good auto service — and interestingly enough, this won out against good communication, honesty, timeliness, and respect.

Your customers depend on you to take care of their vehicles and be there for help. If you are focusing more on making a sale rather than solving their actual needs, your customers will be more likely to find help elsewhere.

If you’re looking to grow your auto shop’s customer base, let the experts at UpSwell do the hard work. We understand your customers’ buying behaviors and can offer expert advice to keep your customers driving to your doors. To learn more about our work with other auto industry clients or start your free assessment, contact us today!

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