There are many ways you can keep your automotive repair customers engaged with your brand, even when their car isn’t currently in the shop.

Here are just five ways to promote more brand awareness and customer engagement for your auto repair business.

Use Non-Promotional Value-Adding Content

Offering value doesn’t have to always involve a sales pitch. Not only do you want to share content that will promote your auto shop, but also include a healthy mix of non-promotional content that appeals to your customers.

Blogs and Newsletters

Share your industry expertise through a digital blog or newsletter. This could be quick tips on everyday vehicle maintenance or an educational piece about the different types of motor oil. Keep up with a regular schedule to connect with your customers and improve your search rankings.

Video Content

This type of content is great for sharing simple, highly visual tutorials and capturing your audience’s attention. Video has become consumers’ favorite type of content to see from brands on social media with 54% wanting to see more of this type of content from companies they support.

Before and After Photos

This is a unique way to showcase what your repair shop can do and build your online reputation. Your auto mechanics do amazing work — you know this, and they know this, but do your customers? Posting before and after photos can really highlight their success! Show your customers they can trust you by featuring photos that prove the value of your work.

Set Up A Rewards Program for Social Check-Ins

Leverage the social platforms your customers use on a daily basis. Use this as a tool to build and strengthen emotional relationships with your customers.

Promote a rewards program that offers a bonus reward or boost toward discounted services when they check-in, use a branded hashtag or mention your shop. This will put your business in front of new audiences and generate more word-of-mouth.

Ask For Referrals

By far the most cost-effective way to get more customers through your doors. People are much more likely to do business with people they know, trust, or have been referred to.

Unfortunately, asking for referrals can be awkward. Build good habits and customer relationships that will make asking for the referral come more natural.

Try this out in your daily business routine:

  • Offer exceptional service to every customer, all the time — go the extra step to offer service above and beyond the industry standard (people will notice and want to share with their friends)
  • Pay it forward with your own referral system — when people see you do good things for other businesses and contribute to your community, they will reciprocate
  • Show your appreciation — always let your customers know just how much you appreciate their business, even sending a personalized note or email can go a long way

Get Involved Locally

Being a business owner doesn’t mean you have to stand alone or separate yourself from your customers. Show your dedication to them– and to your community–by getting involved. Have fun and get creative with it to drum up excitement. You could:

  • Sponsor local events
  • Help out nearby charities
  • Mentor other businesses
  • Host a community workshop (—this could be about entrepreneurship, vehicle maintenance 101, or racing and engineering for teens)

Build a Responsive, Professional Website

Your website design needs to leave a lasting first impression. Visitors begin judging your brand as soon as they reach your landing page, so make it clean and easy to use. Your customers need to be able to easily find out what services you provide, what sets your business apart from your competitors, and how they can reach you.

By having a well-designed, responsive website, your content will display seamlessly on mobile phones, where a majority of your customers are locally searching for automotive services.

When in doubt, hire some outside marketing help. Creative collaboration with UpSwell can start you on the road to success to grow your business and bring in new customers.

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