Fitness gurus focus on improving the health and lives of others. They aren’t typically the kind of people who enjoy sitting behind a computer screen all day to connect to their clients. They prefer face-to-face interactions. While these personal interactions work great for their business, they cannot ignore the importance of social media engagement.

How can a person create fitness social media posts that are shareable without allowing it to overtake their lives? How should they go about creating amazing content that not only gets noticed by the target audience, but shared with others? The following tips will help you learn how to create, schedule, and post great shareable social media content without being a slave to the computer screen.

Create Content that Connects with the Readers

People often share generic tips online thinking this is enough to have them showing up in their followers’ feeds. While this helps, the generic tip likely won’t go viral and bring in new followers. The tips need to feel PERSONAL to the reader.

For example, nothing connects people more than shared experience. People like to hear about how others felt in a particular situation, as they may go through something similar and may appreciate knowing they aren’t the only one.

Relatable stories connect with readers more than generic tips. The reader feels like you are speaking directly to them. The fitness guru is no longer an anonymous face behind a screen. A reader feels as if they know them and will be more likely to take their advice.

Create Posts in Batches

When life gets busy, it’s easy to forget to post on social media. When clients are standing right in front of you, and that’s where your focus is. But frequent posting is essential to growing and maintaining your social media following.

Rely on a content calendar to never fall behind in this area. The calendar saves you countless hours in sharing click-worthy content. Sit down once a week or once a month, whatever best meets your needs, and create content for the chosen period.

Brainstorming content in a single session ensures that the pieces shared on social media are high quality. Furthermore, it allows you to start each day knowing there is no need to interrupt normal activities to create or post this content.

Many social media experts choose to do an initial build and create a calendar they can repeat. Simply add your new ideas according to the schedule you create and return to your fitness activities.

Set Posts on Autopilot

Once the content creation process is complete, ensure the posts make it onto the desired social media accounts when they should. Autopilot makes this easy, and many social apps offer this feature. However, a business owner might wish to make use of a social media management program to simplify the process even more.

When handling this task with outside help, be sure to look for a program or provider that offers scheduling of posts, social media ads for fitness, and more. Extra features help to simplify your life in immeasurable ways.


Post Fitness Activities Every Day

Fitness experts love what they do, and it shows in how they live their lives. Share these hints and tips with others. Think about those questions that regularly come and provide answers in social media posts. Mix up the content media when doing so. Make some short videos, use infographics, and post some motivational messages. Doing so helps keep people coming back for more.


Share a recipe you love or a nutritional tip you have found to be of significant benefit. People often find it difficult to come up with novel ways to eat the same old foods or hesitate to try new things. These posts provide them with some much-needed information.

Exercise Routines

Take action shots while working out or record short videos showing the proper way to do exercises. Viewers appreciate this, as it ensures they won’t hurt themselves while trying to improve their health and fitness.

The key to creating social media lies in providing value to the audience. It shows your brand to be an authority and an educational resource. This inspires trust.

Share Your Journey

Besides telling followers how they can improve their lives, show them. Chronicle your journey. For instance, a person trying to lose weight often uses the scale to measure progress. Show them how to avoid the scale and monitor progress using a tape measure instead. When they see how the inches are decreasing, they’ll have the motivation to keep moving forward.

Ask Followers to Share Their Tips and Progress

People love to show off their progress. Allow them to do so on your social media accounts. Ask if you can share photos they send to you, although you will need to attribute their pictures to them. If they come to you for training, request permission to take pictures and post them on your accounts.

Fitness experts love that sharing pictures from clients allows them to show their plans work for a range of people, not only those with the same body type. Followers love that they get to show others how they are working to improve their lives and having outstanding success in doing so.

Benefit From the Use of Templates

Business accounts shouldn’t operate the same way a person runs their personal account. Branding remains the key to running a business social media site. This branding builds trust and credibility while helping to differentiate the company from its competitors.

To achieve this goal, remain consistent with the layouts, general style, fonts, and colors used in all posts. The cohesive feel helps to cement the brand in the viewer’s mind. Additionally, if the content appears on other social media accounts or websites, the viewer knows who it belongs to with one glance.

Use Hashtags Wisely

When using hashtags, ensure they remain relevant to the content being shared. However, try to make use of trending tags that relate to this content in addition to any tags used for branding. The problem lies in using a popular hashtag. It’s easy to get lost in the crowd when doing so.

For this reason, use multiple hashtags with posts, as this makes it easier for others to find the post. Finally, use a variety of hashtags rather than repeating the same ones again and again. Doing so could lead to a loss in the visibility of company posts, as social media sites may view the repeated hashtags as spam.

If you find you still need help in this area, seek outside help. Social media serves an important role in any marketing program today. At UpSwell we have over 13 years of experience with marketing for the fitness industry. Contact us to find out how we can help you build your social media presence and your member base.

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