Postcard marketing is a powerful way to connect with your customers. By sending out marketing postcards for your auto repair business, you can introduce new customers to your shop and entice existing customers to return for their regular maintenance.

Physical mail has been shown to create lasting mental impressions, increasing brand recall and awareness. According to an analysis report by the Direct Marketing Association, 57% of consumers feel more valued when they receive a marketing postcard and it builds more authentic relationships with customers.

With some of the best response rates across all marketing channels, postcard marketing offers huge potential for business growth that’s just waiting for you.

The following are our tips for creating a powerful postcard campaign, leading to better relationships with your prospects, and ensuring you reach the right audience:

Use targeted mailing to reach your audience

Targeted mailing helps to put your auto repair marketing postcards in the hands of the right audience. You should be working with multiple segmented mailing lists to reach your ideal audience and highly specific demographics rather than sending the same mailing offer to a larger group of random individuals. 

By putting in a little extra work to ensure your marketing postcards are going to the right people, you’ll:

  • Reach qualified potential customers who are most likely to make a purchase and avoid sending your postcard to consumers who have no interest in your services.
  • Gain higher engagement and increased response rates from your postcard.
  • Create the foundation for a successful multichannel marketing strategy to re-engage your prospects after they receive your mailer with retargeted digital ads and email marketing.
  • Boost sales. Your targeted direct mail recipients will not only be more likely to spend money with you but they also on average spend 28% more money on products and services than those who didn’t receive a postcard mailer.

Include a bold headline that focuses on one clear goal

Don’t overwhelm your reader with options. Create excitement with the message in your headline to draw your prospects in. Be clear and concise with your offer to encourage your readers to take action.

Before writing any copy, start by thinking from your customers’ perspective. Begin by asking yourself these questions:

  • What challenges do they face?
  • What does your target audience look for in an auto shop?
  • What are you offering that is unique to your auto repair business?
  • How will this benefit or affect their lifestyle?

Emphasize the benefits, not the features

Your headline is what captures your reader’s attention, but the benefits are what keep them reading. Focus on telling your readers how your auto repair service will benefit them. Using bullet points to break up the information is a perfect way to help keep your information succinct without including too much and overwhelming the reader.

Leave some white space to help guide their eyes through the mailer. When you overcrowd a marketing postcard, it looks cluttered and can become difficult to read — often resulting in a one-way ticket to the trash can.

Test your postcard and your list

You may have the best offer in the world, but if you are sending it to the wrong people, your campaign will be sure to fail. This is why it’s crucial to test your marketing auto repair campaign. You can do this by using different segments from your audience to send identical postcards and track their progress to see which group gives you a better response.

Looking to add postcard marketing to your next campaign? Give us a call today to speak with an expert in your industry. We’ll get you started with a free marketing assessment and go more in-depth on how postcard marketing could be exactly what you need to start driving more customers to your doors.

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