Even the most well-crafted email is worthless to you if it never gets opened. That’s why your email subject line should never be an afterthought.

The goal of the subject line is to capture your audience’s attention and leave them wanting more. In this blog post, we’ll go over a few tips for writing engaging subject lines that will make your health club email marketing campaign a success.

The importance of subject lines in health club email marketing

The subject line of your email will be the first (and sometimes only) impression you will make, so you need to make it count. Most people will take only a fraction of a second to skim the subject lines of emails, making an immediate decision on whether to click, scroll, or delete.

Think about your own personal email account. How many unread emails pass through your inbox? Tens? Hundreds? It could even be in the thousands if you aren’t in the habit of checking it regularly.

Every single day, we are bombarded with automated email newsletters, promotional offers, and advertisements — many of which we disregard and delete without a second thought. Your marketing email can easily get lost in this sea of digital content. That kind of volume can cause many emails to be overlooked or deleted, so it’s important that your subject line stands out.


What makes an email subject line engaging?

When using digital marketing strategies, such as email marketing, you need to make every word count. Here are some things you can do to boost your open rate:

  • Offer value in your subject line. Persuade your readers that your email contains information that will improve their quality of life. Use incentivized language with a sense of urgency so they feel compelled to read more. Just be sure not to mislead your readers — you still want to accurately describe the contents of your message.
  • Keep your subject line short and sweet. Remember that you want to make a lasting impression in less than a second. Describe it in as few words as possible. You want your message to be easily digestible and read at a glance. The ideal length would be around 30-50 characters. According to market research conducted by Marketo, emails with the best overall engagement that resulted in higher open rates and higher click through rates were found to have a total of seven words (on average 41 characters).
  • Use clear, descriptive language. You want to offer a catchy, succinct subject line while being as descriptive of the content as possible. Give the reader insight on exactly what they will find when they open your email — whether that’s a welcome message for a new member, a monthly newsletter, or an invitation to try out a new fitness class.
  • Give your subject line a personalized touch. Take the personal approach and have the subject correspond with your recipient’s name or location. This has been proven to increase open rates and spark a more genuine interest in marketing and business emails.


The best email campaign or content in the world isn’t worth anything if it never gets opened. This is why the success of your email communications strategy relies so heavily on your subject line’s ability to entice the recipient. You want eyes on your content! 

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