The weather is warming up, flowers are blooming and your customers are hitting the road. 65% of travelers are interested in taking a road trip*, which increases the demand for tune-ups and vehicle repairs. 

As you buckle up and get ready for the next big influx, think about how you can get customers to come to your business and not the shop down the street.

Top-notch marketing is a great place to start. Once you have great marketing in place to bring customers in the door, knock their socks off with the latest technology and customer service. Bonus: you can increase your profits at the same time. Below, we’ll review the top three service tips, compliments of the expert team at Shop-Ware.

Tip #1: Transform Through New Technology

As times change, so should your auto shop. One great way to keep up with the trends is to adapt to new technology as it becomes available. Your employees will welcome this change, and your customers will too.

Talented technicians are taking jobs at repair facilities that are packed with the latest technology, which allows them to produce their best work. Technological advancements will also give techs the ability to crank out more jobs on a daily basis – a win-win! 

Consider dedicated workstations along with digital vehicle inspection capability. These additions are instrumentally beneficial in drawing in talent. Once you have the best techs working efficiently, you can really “wow” your customers.


Tip #2: Take Your Customer Service Experience to the Next Level

By leaning into new technology and showcasing your shop’s technical expertise, you can beat out the competition.

So, what does this actually look like? One simple way that is often overlooked – impress your customers by sharing photos. When your shop has already taken the time and effort to complete a thorough repair, showcase it! With all the work your team puts in to tackle a job, take a few extra seconds to capture and share the before-and-after photos.


Tip #3: Focus on Increasing Your Bottom Line

It’s no secret that you have to spend money to make money. Improving your business requires a substantial investment, which should also anticipate a substantial return. 

This also points back to technology. By transferring the time and effort spent by humans to a digital workflow process, your staff could win back 20% of their day, reducing errors and making room to grow. Implementing the latest tech tools in your shop will get cars through the door – and profits into your pocket – faster!


Shop-Ware shop management software provides professional-grade business solutions for the automotive industry’s leading repair shops so they can run entirely on the cloud; phone optional, and paper-free. Connecting the aftermarket together, Shop-Ware’s ecosystem enables next-generation efficiency and customer satisfaction without compromise. Full-service onboarding and best-in-class support provide everything a shop needs to transform its business and stay competitive long into the future. 

If you’d like to learn more about implementing Shop-Ware as the solution for your business, request a demo.

*OAAA Webinar Perspectives: The Harris Poll – COVID Impact on Consumer Behavior

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