Major changes are expected to shape the automotive repair industry during the years to come. If you’re part of this evolving sector, you’ll need to be able to keep up with the emerging trends as well as consumers’ ever-changing expectations. Having said that, customers and prospects have little way of knowing you’re on top of the latest developments if you don’t spread the word about your business. At UpSwell, we can get your auto repair business into the spotlight.

We’re experts in automotive marketing, and we’re dedicated to helping clients hold onto their current customers while also bringing in new clientele. We’ve had a hand in growing thousands of auto repair shops, and we can do the same for you. Contact us to learn more about what our digital marketing services can do for you.

Why Your Auto Repair Business Needs Automotive Digital Marketing

Since the internet went public thirty years ago, the digital realm has opened up numerous new opportunities for businesses as well as consumers. At first, the online world was more of a novelty than anything else, but it has rapidly become an integral component in people’s lives. That means your business needs automotive digital marketing for several reasons.

1) The Internet Is Taking Over

People are increasingly turning to the internet when they look for products and services. In fact, an estimated 2.14 billion consumers around the world are expected to take their searches online by the end of this year, and the number will only grow moving forward.1

At least 87 percent of consumers begin their searches for services online,2 and this includes those who need automotive repairs. With a successful digital marketing strategy, you’ll be more visible online. In turn, those prospects will be able to find you.

2) The Entire Automotive Industry Is Going Digital

Online vehicle purchasing experiences have been on the rise for quite some time. Of course, the pandemic took this sector to entirely new levels. These days, people have come to expect to be able to complete the majority of their automotive purchasing and servicing experiences online.

Though clients’ vehicles must come to your shop for repairs and maintenance, they want to be able to do as much as possible on your website beforehand and after the fact. Digital marketing encompasses website design and improving the customer experience. As such, it’ll go a long way toward helping you cater to the public’s changing expectations.

3) Collisions Are on the Rise

Another reason you need the greater visibility automotive digital marketing can provide is the fact that collisions are on an upward trend. More vehicles are on the road, so naturally, there are going to be more accidents that necessitate repairs. The growing number of driver distractions isn’t helping matters, either.

At present, there are about six million accidents on America’s roadways each year, which amounts to more than 16,000 per day. Though not all vehicles are salvageable after an accident, many are. Their owners are going to need your repair services, so being at the tops of their search results when they look online for auto repair shops is essential.

4) Getting in on Your Share of the Repair Market

Because of the growing number of automobile accidents, the repair market is growing considerably. It rose to almost 186 billion last year even though people weren’t traveling as much as usual. It’s expected to surge by more than two percent annually during the years to come,3 but the actual numbers could ultimately be much higher. A significant share of the profits from this development could be yours if you promote your shop in the right ways.

5) More People Are Buying Vehicles

One simple reason you need to ramp up your digital marketing efforts is the continually growing number of vehicle owners across the country. In general, the number of Americans who don’t own a vehicle is decreasing, and vehicle sales are increasing proportionally.

All of those vehicles being purchased are going to need the services you have to offer. That means you need to use digital marketing strategies to make sure people in your area come to you for their repair and maintenance requirements.

6) Aging Vehicles Are Becoming More Common

While vehicle sales in general are growing, the number of used vehicles on the road is also on a steady uptick.4 Millions of vehicle owners are either choosing to purchase used vehicles over new ones or holding onto the vehicles they already own rather than trading them in.

As vehicles age, they tend to need more frequent repairs, and preventative maintenance becomes even more crucial. If you take advantage of all the benefits digital marketing provides, your shop will be the one local vehicle owners choose to provide those services.

7) Advancements in Technology

People who own newer vehicles have countless technological innovations at their disposal. Modern vehicles offer Wi-Fi hotspots, driver-assist features, advanced safety innovations, automatic emergency braking, heated seats, automatically defrosting mirrors, and many other new developments.5 Although those features are wonderful options to have, the more innovations a vehicle offers, the more things could go wrong. Keep in mind, the electric vehicle market is also growing.

This is good news for members of the automotive repair industry like you if you offer repair services for all those new features. People who own vehicles equipped with modern innovations are going to be looking for repair shops that can help keep them up and running. Digital marketing can aid in promoting your technicians’ expertise in those fields.

8) Automotive Repair Technicians Are in High Demand but Short Supply

Reports show that the number of repair shops and experienced mechanics is declining across the nation.6 Many repair shop owners are reaching retirement age, and they’re simply closing their shops because there are few buyers on the market to keep them open. At the same time, many experienced repair technicians are retiring or leaving the industry for other reasons.

All this is leaving numerous vehicle owners desperate to find a new repair shop to handle their automotive needs. With a successful digital marketing strategy, yours will be the one they choose to replace their old service providers. You can certainly benefit from the surging demand and dwindling supply in your field.

9) Your Competitors Are Using Digital Marketing

All our lives, we’re taught that we shouldn’t do something just because everyone else is. That rule of thumb doesn’t apply when it comes to digital marketing. Your closest competitors are using digital marketing to their fullest advantage, so you must follow suit. If not, you won’t be able to compete in the growing digital landscape.

10) Some of Your Competitors Aren’t Using Digital Marketing

Though the majority of repair shops are using digital marketing, some still aren’t. This gives you ample opportunity to gain the upper hand over those few. The earlier you get started on your digital marketing efforts, the more time you’ll have to increase your lead over local shops that have yet to jump on the bandwagon. They’ll end up struggling to catch up with you as opposed to your shop trying to catch up to them.

Establishing Your Place in the Automotive Repair Industry

Those are the primary reasons you need to have an automotive digital marketing agency on your side. Still, not just any agency will fill the bill. You need an agency that specializes in automotive marketing to help you make the most of all the benefits digital marketing has to offer.

That’s where UpSwell comes into play. Contact us for a consultation, and let us show you how our digital marketing expertise can help you outrank the other local repair shops. We’ll put our knowledge, experience, and creativity to work for you, so you can become the go-to repair shop in your area.



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