In the last few decades, interest in physical fitness has increased dramatically as more people have become aware of how good health can benefit them. Staying healthy can reduce the chance of getting serious illnesses, improve quality of life, and even lower insurance costs.

According to the IHRSA (International Health, Racquet & Sportsclub Association), approximately 67% of Americans engage in fitness-related activities. That’s a promising statistic for personal trainers and gym owners who are trying to gain customers because it means millions of citizens are just waiting for the proper workout and offer.

Fortunately, there are several effective tools fitness professionals can use to attract and keep clients.

1. Harness the Power of Digital Marketing

The increased demand for fitness options in all age groups provides a ready-made customer base, but the process of attracting new members requires an effective marketing plan. The fact that both you and your customers have easy access to online resources provides the ideal marketing opportunity.

You and your staff can reach out to existing members and the public via social media, email, and reviews. Running promotions in Facebook and other popular sites can also drum up interest in your business and draw new members.

Ideas for Digital Promotions

The number and type of digital promotions you can create is only limited by your imagination, and examples of possible campaigns include:

  • Offer a summer slim-down program via Facebook – Create a program for fast weight loss and toning. Target January and the beginning of summer, when demand is highest.
  • Reward Google reviewers – Google reviews can make or break your business. Why not offer a free one-month pass for clients who leave reviews?
  • Give free passes to social media users – Offer Facebook or Instagram users a free pass when they check into or mention your club via their social media accounts.
  • Attract new members by advertising a free, introductory one-on-one training session on social media.

2. Develop a Referral Program

It’s good business to let your members know you would appreciate them referring anyone interested in personal training or gym services. You can also refer your current professional clients to other businesses and develop referral reciprocity.

Create a rewards program that incentivizes staff and clients to refer new members to your business. Offering a reward also shows that you appreciate the referrals being provided.

3. Actively Solicit the Over-50 Crowd

Per Small Business Trendsetters, one in three American adults is over 50, and their numbers are rapidly growing. That is a huge opportunity for the fitness industry since the 50-plus population is a group that:

  • Can afford to pay for fitness
  • Has the time to work out
  • Is especially health-conscious
  • Needs fitness due to chronic conditions

The key to attracting this huge demographic is to use a tailored approach. Make sure you target more mature adults on social media, in addition to focusing on younger people. Include images of 50-plus clients and use their testimonials.

Ensure your staff makes over-50 members feel comfortable because many are by gyms. Trainers should also make a point of listening to members to understand their unique goals and issues.

4. Hold Contests and Giveaways

Who doesn’t love a contest, especially when it involves winning fitness swag? A giveaway promotion or contest is the ideal way to attract clients when things get slow.

Consider organizing a before-and-after photo contest that encourages members to reach their goals and offers branded gym products as a reward. Or how about just a quick giveaway? You can use an influencer to model and promote clothes and then give away selected items to winners.

Think about giving away gym sneakers. Focus on popular brands like Nike, Adidas, or On Cloud for the promotion. Stylish sneakers are great, but it’s best to choose a sought-after brand built for practicality that will result in a flood of people trying to win.

5. Offer Special Pricing

Everyone loves a bargain, so take advantage of it. New members are always looking for the deal that makes the most sense overall, and you can benefit from that fact by researching your competition and improving on their offers.

You might discount the first few sessions for new members. Also, think about offering discount pricing on holidays and during special events.

6. Start a Fitness Blog

Consider adding a blog to your business website. It’s a way of providing exciting and informative content regularly.

Blogs are incredibly popular because they are short, entertaining, and easy to read on phones. A well-crafted, easy-to-read blog will capture reader’s attention and keep them on your site.

7. Use the Power of Video

Add videos on your site to provide value for your visitors. Audiences love videos because they are an entertaining, quick way to learn something new.

Create high-quality videos as live platforms to demonstrate workouts or even share behind-the-scenes information about your life. Videos are fun, informative, and you can include a call to action near the end.

8. Provide Free Quality Content

To build trust with your audience, you need to consistently offer them something of value in exchange for their email address. Include free items such as reports, videos, or webinars.

9. Offer a Free Transformational Session Instead of Consultation

If you think about the point of physical fitness, it’s actually transformation. So why not offer new members a “free transformational session” instead of the usual, tired, free consultation.

When you meet clients for transformational sessions, discuss their goals, assess prospects, and let them try a workout. That puts you in the ideal position to close the deal.

10. Include Customer Testimonials

Positive word of mouth is one of the most effective kinds of advertising, and it’s free. Testimonials from former or current clients can make a powerful statement about your business and help draw new clients.

Add written and video testimonials to your website, so visitors have easy access. You can also include testimonials in advertising media like rack cards, brochures, and other print material.

Today the demand for fitness services has never been greater, but the field is competitive. Fitness professionals must use effective marketing to attract new members. Powerful marketing campaigns use social media, blogs, videos, and client testimonials to draw customers. Contests, free website content, and promotions also help to increase business.

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