Having a strong presence in the digital landscape is crucial for businesses in 2021, but how do your customers find you? People may find your business from a Google search, a paid ad, or even on social media. When you know how they are finding your business, you can sharpen your marketing efforts and focus on the most influential ways to drive more customers directly to your website. 

You may have heard advertisers say that having a healthy marketing mix can boost your marketing success, which is true, but creating several standalone marketing streams is not as successful as one cross-channel, comprehensive campaign. You want each channel to work cohesively together to attract new customers and reinforce the message you want to relay.

Introducing The Digital Booster 2.0

We have created a digital booster program called Mail2Mobile to help small businesses deliver effective messaging to the right people on the right platforms. Through this omnichannel marketing program, we build a strategy that enhances your online presence, while reaching customers where they live through direct mail.

According to a 2019 marketing report by Demand Metric, 80% of the surveyed participants stated that incorporating direct mail into their multichannel campaign improved performance substantially, generating more interest and more brand awareness. This program has helped brands boost response rates and increase sales — both on and offline.

How Our Mail2Mobile Digital Booster Works

Omnichannel marketing provides a seamless customer experience across multiple platforms, offering high-quality service and cohesive messaging to deliver stronger impressions. This program brings together several touchpoints of the customer journey to create a campaign that works to maximize your potential leads and get more eyes on your brand through the use of varying media. The program includes the following:

  • Direct mail postcards — Direct mail is a great way to build credibility and brand awareness while reaching your desired audience directly in their home.  We will narrow down the demographics of your recipients to send these postcards to prospects that are more similar to your current customer base (interested buyers!).
  • Digital ads — A round of digital ads will be used to remind your prospect, before and after receiving the postcard, of your offer. We will create a strategy that includes a comprehensive mix of pay-per-click ads, mobile display ads, and social media to enhance your marketing reach, hyper-targeting your customers wherever they are. These will offer similar messaging and design to the postcards and bring interactions back to the landing page.
  • Custom landing page — A custom page is built to direct users to complete an action as a result of seeing the ad. This might be to make an appointment, call your business, or make a purchase. This will also be the destination for the other forms of advertising relating to this one campaign. The landing page will have a similar design to the direct mail postcards to visually connect the offer to the website. Call tracking and Google Analytics integration will offer better reporting insights for every page interaction.
  • Reporting — With a high level of reporting data and insights, you will know exactly what is working with your campaigns and what is not. We will optimize your campaigns and measure how well each part is performing so you’re always informed.

Our Mail2Mobile program takes the hard work out of your omnichannel marketing strategy. We will work with you to understand your business, your customers, and their needs to reach the customers most relevant and most interested in your services. To see how your business can benefit and take advantage of this program contact our expert team today!

June 1st - September 3oth

50% OFF

Digital Management Fees
for 3 Months! 

$750 value!

*This offer is for customers who have not previously used UpSwell’s digital marketing services for PPC Search or Social Media Ads. The Digital Splash promotion requires a minimum 3-month commitment to either social media ads or pay-per-click, and a media spend of at least $1,000 per channel. A one-time new customer set up fee of $150 will be charged upon signature of the contract. Contact UpSwell Marketing for details.