The most convenient way for your business to communicate today is through email and social media. However, you will see higher response rates and attract more customers through direct mail marketing.

More customers actually prefer direct mail over digital messaging. In fact, 73% of US consumers would choose to receive direct mail over other digital channels because of convenience and ease. Fewer businesses use direct mail, which means those that do have less competition and more opportunities for brand recognition.

If you’re looking to boost your direct mail’s return on investment (ROI), take a look at these four tips: 

#1: Use a unique offer that includes a trackable method of contact.

When sending out your mailer that provides your customer with a personalized offer, include a dedicated point of contact that is trackable. By doing so, you will be able to trace your sales back to that specific direct mail piece and easily measure your response rate.

We suggest setting up a dedicated landing page or a call tracking number that will provide you with metrics to measure how many people have reached out as a direct result of your mailer. By analyzing this data, you can track performance, success metrics, and learn ways to alter your new campaigns to drive sales and better attract new prospects. 

#2: Focus on targeting those who are most likely to use your business and services.

Survey your current customer base. Based on the data you receive, put together a buyer persona that represents your current customers. Include these essential elements:

  • Demographics: age, gender, ethnicity
  • Socio-economics: income, occupation, education
  • Geographic location: residential, work
  • Behaviors: hobbies, values, buying choices

Your best prospects will have a similar demographic profile as your current customers. By marketing to consumers that share the same needs, behaviors, and buying habits, you will be less likely to waste your marketing dollars on those uninterested in your services. As a result, you will see higher-value visitors and leads. 

#3: Personalize your mail using variable data.

Even though you may have less competition with direct mail, you still need to stand out and capture your recipients’ attention. Instead of addressing the mailer with “Resident” (which sounds cold and uninviting), use their first name. This can be accomplished using variable data from your mailing list and offers a friendly, comfortable tone.

Take this another step further by including a personalized URL (PURL). This URL will take them to their own, unique landing page that can be tailored specifically for them. This inspires more engagement with other areas of your site and improves lead generation.

#4: Leverage direct mail retargeting.

It’s always a good idea to follow up with your prospects and returning customers. By retargeting these individuals, you are building the visibility of your brand. The best ways to retarget are through:

  • Digital display ads – After a visitor receives your mailer or visits your site, you can use display ads that follow their web activity, displaying your custom-designed ad on the sites they are visiting.
  • Social media ads – These follow users on their social networks, re-introducing them to your products and services after leaving your business page or website.
  • Email follow-up – As simple as sending an email that brings your brand back to your prospects’ minds, offering a familiar format to read and see personalized offers.

By driving prospects back to your website, you have another chance to make a conversion.


Direct mail can be an engaging, creative, and highly-targeted marketing channel. Physical mail is a more tactile and personal experience that offers flexibility and promotes trust in your brand. Not to mention, people generally enjoy getting personal mail.

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