If you’re looking for HVAC marketing strategies to help your business capture new leads, a direct mail campaign might seem a little old fashioned at first glance. But direct mail is a tried and true — and cost-effective — way to get the phone ringing.

To execute a successful campaign, you’ll need three main components:

  • a targeted mailing list
  • the right marketing message
  • consistency

In this post, we’ll go over each of these components so you can learn how to get the most value out of your campaign.

Choose your mailing list

The first question to answer for your campaign is, “Who should we target?”

It largely depends on your unique location and target demographics, but based on our extensive experience with running HVAC direct mail campaigns, we can offer this general advice:

For new customer acquisition business postcards, you should target homeowners in select neighborhoods based on your service areas, and/or neighborhoods with more single-family dwelling units (vs. multi-family dwelling units).

Need help finding your ideal mailing list? Contact UpSwell for a free market analysis that will show your full market potential based on your preference of demographic and lifestyle attributes.

Craft your marketing message

The main purpose of direct mail marketing is to build brand awareness. You need to communicate what makes your business better than all the rest, and give potential customers a reason to switch from their current HVAC contractor.

Coupons and special offers are powerful motivators, and in our experience, bigger discounts garner better response rates. Deals on heating and cooling system tune-ups and repair services can help you catch the attention of both new and existing customers who have been putting off their HVAC maintenance, especially just before the seasons change — no one wants to be without good AC in the summer or good heating in the winter.

You’ll also want to include contact information in a visible place on the mailer, because many customers will use it as a business card of sorts, keeping it on their fridge in case their AC or heating goes out. Make sure the contact information matches what customers will see in your local business listings, or you risk losing their trust.

Continue mailing consistently

You wouldn’t stop training your horse after winning just one race, would you?

Unfortunately, many small businesses overlook the importance of consistency when planning direct mail campaigns. It’s important to get your offers seen by as many people as possible, as many times as possible to increase your chances of acquiring those new customers.

An experienced direct mail marketing agency can help you determine the best frequency for sending out your HVAC direct mail postcards.

Work with HVAC direct mail marketing pros

With the right strategy, you can use direct mail to acquire new, profitable customers, and keep your business top of mind for existing customers.

Want to work with direct mail marketing experts? Choose UpSwell.

We have experience in HVAC marketing, and will proactively consult with you on the best postcard mailing practices for your location and goals to make sure your campaign gets results.

To set up your free marketing assessment, call (866) 790-3197 or contact us online today!

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