It’s that time of the year (already)! The decorations are going up, prepping for families rolling into town, and the holiday shopping sprees are already in full swing. Now that we are heading straight into the holiday season, it’s time you get serious about “sleighing” your holiday campaigns with postcard marketing.

Direct mail offers your brand a strong ROI that’s hard to ignore, and it complements other channels when used in an omnichannel marketing strategy. It’s not only beneficial for customer acquisition but can be a tool this holiday to encourage engagement with existing customers. 

Don’t let the growing digital world make you forget about the power of physical mail in the hands of your customers. Direct mail marketing will spread awareness for your business throughout the season and help you increase your holiday sales.


Here are a few quick strategies to gain traction with your holiday postcard marketing.

Use your postcard marketing to say thank you to your customers

Let your customers know just how thankful you are for their business. Use this as an opportunity to drive engagement, and show your thanks to your customers by rewarding their loyal business with an exclusive offer.

Acquiring a new customer through postcard marketing can be five to 25 times more expensive than retaining an existing customer, so be sure to let your current customers know how valuable they are to your business.


Entice your prospects with a special holiday postcard offer

In the true holiday spirit of giving, offer a special holiday promotion. Most shoppers are looking for a deal during the holidays, regardless of how much they are willing to spend, and 60% of consumers are more open to trying new products during the holiday season. Be sure to give them something enticing and worthwhile to attract their business.

Consider these tips for your holiday offer:

  • Make your holiday offer relevant. Pay attention to what your customers really want and target those who are most interested in your services for the best results.
  • Be festive. This is a no-brainer. Share your festive, joyful spirit with your customers this holiday and get creative with your postcard design so your offer stands out.
  • Think beyond the holidays. Consider an end-of-season or winter sale to get more customers visiting your business, even when the holidays are over.


Promote gift cards during the holiday season

Many holiday shoppers already plan to buy gift cards, so capture their interest with a promotional gift card strategy during the holidays. Draw customers in by combining your gift card marketing with promotional bonuses, for example if they spend $50 for a gift card they get an additional $10 gift card. Target both the buyer and the recipient of the gift card. Encourage a little self-care this holiday as gift cards are a great self-gifting option or for the loved one that is difficult to buy for. 


Make your holiday postcard campaign personalized

Use a photo of your team and staff to personalize your mailer and make it feel more inviting and warm to new prospects. This helps to build a relationship with your customers and builds authenticity for your business.

Take these tips into consideration and don’t let your holiday campaigns fall flat this year. Get ahead of your competitors and prepare for a successful holiday marketing season.

If you’re ready to talk to a professional, contact us to get a free marketing assessment. We are wishing you a joyful season full of good times, good cheer, and a successful year!

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