Gyms and fitness studios weren’t prepared for the radical changes that the ongoing pandemic brought with it, but many adapted. The obstacles we faced made way for new innovations and a culture centered around health and wellness.


Traditional fitness trends and wellness routines have been completely thrown out the window, and we look to 2022 for new workout habits and a fresh start.


Let’s take a closer look at the popular fitness industry trends we can expect from 2022.


  1. Wearable Technology

When we look at predictions in fitness for the rest of the year, wearable technology is high on the list according to many health and fitness specialists. According to the American College of Sports Medicine, it is the number one trend for 2022.


With smart watches, advanced fitness trackers, and highly accurate heart rate monitors, tracking key metrics (—just about anything fitness-related you could need) throughout the workout session is simple and easy. With this information, consumers are able to better assess their progress and keep motivated to attain realistic goals.


  1. Smart Home Gyms

The pandemic put a huge spotlight on the need for at-home gym equipment. Now a surging trend, smart home gyms have gained a lot of traction and popularity. Connected-home products have been consistently on the rise, and brands like Peloton and Tempo took the lead in providing smart fitness equipment. Although these smart home advancements are exciting, price still remains a barrier that makes this a less accessible fitness option.


  1. Mini Workouts

Remote work has led to the need for mini workouts. The less ideal work-from-home situations have left people with more neck and shoulder pain, back aches, and fatigue that call for regular breaks and stretching throughout the day. Mini workouts can easily be done in shorter intervals and are perfect when time is a constraint to completing a full workout routine. Shorter, on-demand content is great for supplementing a full workout and providing your members with a way to stay active even when they aren’t at the gym.


  1. Personal Training

Getting help from a rockstar personal trainer is one of our favorite trends of 2022. Getting more personalized with a session to fit specific needs and goals will create a highly effective experience for the individual and increase accountability. Trainers can assess progress throughout the session and can provide training at-home, in your gym, or through online sessions. Because of the individualized nature and success of working out with a personal trainer, we don’t see this trend going away anytime soon.


  1. Outdoor Fitness Options

Are you tired of being stuck indoors yet? Embracing the outdoors by hiking, running, or trying a HIIT workout is exactly what we need to shake off the cabin fever and boost our mood. This is an opportunity for your gym to offer group fitness classes outdoors! There isn’t a better or more beautiful setting for social distancing and working out safely.


The fitness industry is constantly evolving in favor of advances in technology — such as access to on-demand content, app integrations, and hybrid membership offerings. This year, gyms and fitness centers must rise to the challenge to keep gym members engaged.

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