It’s true that a vast majority of people use search engines to find information, and the use of “near me” searches has increased by over 200% since 2017. With the overwhelming advances in technology and the instant access that search engines provide, we can whip out our phones and ask Google to find local businesses in a matter of seconds.

Keeping your website up-to-date with relevant content and the latest features will help your dental practice remain competitive and be successful with your local dental marketing and traffic-driving campaigns.

So all we need is a dental website that looks good, right? Not quite.

A website that just “looks good” won’t earn you the traffic you need to acquire new leads and convert them into loyal patients. So much more goes into creating an effective website for driving qualified leads and keeping the traffic you do earn, on your site.

Turn heads with these 9 must-have features curated by our dental marketing experts, and turn your good dental website into a great dental website:

1.   HIPPA Compliance

Being HIPPA compliant is required as a healthcare provider, and keeping your website secure is a good practice. You can add extra measures to protect your patient’s information with an SSL certificate to keep their data secure.

2.   Key Navigational Pages

This might go without saying, but we want to say it anyway. Having these key pages will help your potential and existing patients get to know your practice a little better. The following should have their own dedicated landing pages throughout your site experience:

  • About Us
  • Contact Us
  • Services & Treatments
  • Insurance Resources
  • FAQs

3.   New Patient Form

This is an absolute must-have, one that will make onboarding your new patients seamless and easy. You can do this with either an all-digital experience or opt for a printable PDF. The latter, however, will require your patients to do a little extra work.

4.   Optimization

Your site optimization will be key so users easily find you and use your site. There are two types of optimization you should consider:

  • User Experience (UX) optimization focuses on how your users will interact and actually use the site. Is it intuitive? Can they easily find the scheduling tool? Does it load quickly and display properly on a mobile device?
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) covers all things relating to your ranking and visibility with the top search engines so prospective patients find your business.

5.   Review Highlights

According to a survey by Software Advice, 71% of their patients checked online reviews before deciding on a dental practice. With such a huge influence, you should be showing off your dazzling staff with your online reviews. Highlight the awesome work your practice is doing and don’t let those positive reviews go unnoticed.

6.   Engaging Content

Offer visual interest through video content and quality photos of your staff and the work you do. Your patients will be more engaged with your business if they see real imagery they can connect with. Before and after photos are a successful way to show your work.

7.   Online Scheduling

Scheduling appointments online offers convenience to both you and your patients. This can be simple and easy. No need to bog down your phone lines or spend extra time filling out paperwork when they arrive.

8.   Clear Call-to-Actions

Be straightforward with your patients. Lead them right where they need to go and tell them what to do next. If the goal of your site is to schedule an appointment, be direct. Every landing page should offer a compelling CTA that leads them to your practice.

With these eight features to consider, you’ll be well on your way to a successful website. If you would like to dive in deeper to see how you can turn your dental website into a great dental website, contact our marketing specialists at UpSwell.

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