Millions of people are engaging and interacting on digital media sites daily, and there are now hundreds of digital media tools for your dental practice to target your audience. If you want to get the most success out of your campaigns, you’ll want to create a dental office marketing strategy that merges both digital and direct marketing.

By building your dental office marketing strategy across multiple platforms, you’ll not only create more valuable insights but reach more of the right people for your practice. Businesses that use this type of omnichannel marketing tend to retain about 89% more of their customers than businesses that don’t.

Here are some ways you can add digital marketing to boost your dental direct mail campaigns.

Incorporate social media into your campaign

Combine the high engagement of social media ads and the tangible, personal appeal of direct mail to get the best results. Direct mail and social media are very different, but when used together they can create a very powerful tool for driving traffic to your website and ultimately to your office. Try the following to get started:

  • Get your followers talking about a special promo or direct mail offer that will be sent out by promoting it across multiple digital platforms before the postcards get mailed out.
  • Gain greater visibility by using the same messaging from your direct mail ads on your social sites. This creates cohesion among your dental direct mail piece and your digital presence.
  • Use geo-targeting to deliver hyper-local advertisements to a physical location. This could be the residents close to your dental practice, a specific neighborhood, or even your competitor’s patients.
  • You can then use social media analytics to see which area had a higher response rate to your advertisements, and you can even dig deeper into the demographics of your audience, getting highly selective with your future targeting.

Re-engage your recipients with mobile geofencing

With the power of the mobile phone, there are limitless ways to reach your prospects. We have created a program called Mail2Mobile that helps you combine the power of your dental direct mail with mobile advertisements. You’ll create a bigger impact by using location-based geofencing technology to send mobile ads to the same houses you plan to send your postcards to, before and after they receive them. This gives you more visibility and re-engages your prospects with your dental office.

Adding digital strategies to your marketing mix will help you get more out of your dental direct mail campaign and result in a huge increase in response rates. People tend to use multiple platforms before making a decision or buy-in for a brand, so give them options and connect it back to your dental practice brand.

We know you’re ready to create integrated dental campaigns that both reach your prospects and convert them into loyal patients, so we’re here to help! Reach out to UpSwell today and get started on growing your dental practice.

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