Marketing is generally like broccoli: either you hate it, or you love it. Some people love the challenge of brainstorming strategies, implementing campaigns, evaluating numbers, making adjustments, and then doing it all over again. Others find the elusiveness of concrete success to be very stressful and do not enjoy how open-ended marketing can be. If you struggle with marketing and you just want to run your business, you aren’t alone! UpSwell is here to help get the word out about your business so you can focus on your passion.

Successful marketing is generally a combination of proven strategies and daring innovation. In today’s blog, we are going to look at the ways that our revolutionary direct mail services can integrate with digital marketing for incredible returns (and when we say incredible, we’re talking double).

How Direct Mail + Digital = Successful Marketing
Acquisition campaigns (marketing designed to draw in new customers) only work when you approach customers on their terms. No matter how much we discuss and strategize, we can’t truly know if a prospective customer is more likely to visit a website, mail in a form, make a call, or send a text message. When marketing limits itself to only one of the previous engagement methods, the impact is far smaller. You can increase the impact by ensuring that prospective customers to see your brand or offer in many channels, places, and response mechanisms. Great acquisition marketing casts a wider net at first; you can narrow it down later with loyalty and rewards programs. Read on for some insights into the way we tackle integrating direct mail with email.

Test the Campaign Before Rolling It Out
One of our highest priorities at UpSwell is using our clients’ marketing dollars to bring the maximum return. We understand that your marketing budget isn’t unlimited and that running a business can feel a bit like you’re constantly hemorrhaging money. We want to be the part of your business you turn to with confidence, knowing your marketing money will give you the best mileage possible. Part of how we do this is by being careful to ensure that the investment is actually worth it. We do this by developing a test and roll-out strategy with you that defines the timing, frequency, and segmentation for direct mail and digital. Once we have a plan, we can figure out how much it will cost. At that point, we use tests to determine whether or not the return is worth the investment or we need to make some changes. Once everyone is confident the campaign will be successful, we roll the campaign out!

Focus on the Value of Multi-Channel Marketing
One of the hardest parts of any campaign is getting it started. Everyone needs to be onboard with the strategy and the way marketing money will be spent. It is very important not to fall into the trap of focusing on just the cost of multi-channel marketing. Yes, it is probably going to cost a bit more. However, when done correctly, multi-channel marketing is one of the few things in this world that will actually deliver its intended results. We’ve seen it happen time and time again, and we understand what it takes.

Turn to UpSwell
As veteran marketers, we can tell you that lower costs don’t mean better performance. Depending on what you’re trying to say, direct mail or a digital campaign might deliver better results. That is where the UpSwell team’s experience in marketing is so valuable. We can dive into an analysis of the incremental lift in relation to the cost of marketing and use the synergy of direct mail and digital to take your marketing to the next level.

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