Having a seamless campaign can help you reach your ideal customers wherever they are. Rather than letting your direct mail, targeted display advertising, and paid social media advertising work independently of each other, we integrate those campaigns together with our Digital Booster campaign. This means that your customers can find consistent brand messages across multiple media platforms.

By using both online and offline marketing media to deliver the same personalized messages, you can leverage the channels to support each other and create the desired seamless experience from digital to print.

Marketing execution for a seamless omnichannel marketing campaign

With our booster campaign, because you are growing your omnichannel marketing approach, you will see an increase in response rate from your prospects. We use a combination of the following to get you the most success in your marketing strategy:

  • Direct mail postcards these often include information for a personalized offer and trackable contact information to offer insight on the value of your marketing efforts.
  • Customized landing pages – your prospects’ place to visit to get more information and used as a source for display and paid social advertising.
  • Display and social media advertising – your opportunity to offer digital ads or even retarget your prospects to bring them back to your brand, offering more brand recognition and awareness.
  • Analytics integration measures each interaction with your potential customers so you can track their journey through your marketing funnel.
  • Call tracking helpful in measuring your marketing efforts based on the calls received in relation to a specific campaign.

Focus on the user experience

It’s important to lay a solid foundation for building a seamless marketing campaign. One of the most important aspects is the actual user experience — is your website responsive? Do you represent your brand consistently? What type of messages are you offering your users, and are they personalized to their needs?

These questions should be addressed as you begin your marketing plan to offer an effective and cohesive strategy.


Here are a few tips to consider to create a seamless experience across platforms:

  • Consistency is crucial. The importance of consistency in marketing can’t be overstated. Offering consistent messaging and brand images across media in print and on digital platforms will offer better brand recognition and encourage customers to trust you.
  • Think like a customer. A successful campaign starts with having a better understanding of the people you are trying to reach.
  • Get insight from your data. Analyzing your data and adapting your strategy accordingly will result in better response rates and sending the right messages out to the prospects that are more likely to follow your marketing funnel and convert.
  • Customize, segment, target, and personalize. Make your content individual for every single user to respond to their own unique needs and choices.

Reaching your customers from multiple media channels allows you to meet the needs of more prospects in more places, and ultimately retain more of those customers year-over-year. In fact, businesses that incorporate cross-channel strategies have seen a 91% higher customer retention rate compared to businesses that don’t.

If you’re ready to start seeing better results from a seamless campaign, UpSwell is the omnichannel digital marketing agency for you. Our marketing experts are here to help you launch your own booster campaign.

Contact us and receive a free marketing assessment to get started!

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