Dad’s Automotive, owned and operated by Charlie Mero, is leading their community with purpose by caring for their people and their customers. By offering genuine customer service and building their business on this foundation, they have seen outstanding growth and success over the years.

Starting out, Charlie Mero was persuaded by his father to never be a mechanic. Having worked in every other industry, he realized his interests were simply in cars and helping people.

Early in his career, he earned a low-paying position as a mechanic’s helper at a small Shell station, miles away from his house —but worth it because from there, he was hooked!

In 2007, after years of experience in several other automotive businesses and dealers, he took the leap to start his own business: Dad’s Automotive. They built up their reputation for taking care of their people and their community.

When looking to grow, one of the common challenges for many auto repair businesses is to find qualified technicians. However, it didn’t take long for word to spread that Dad’s Automotive takes really good care of their employees and genuinely cares for their customers.

Dad’s Automotive was kept fairly small until 2018. After making the decision to start advertising, they aimed for minimal growth — enough for the shop to sufficiently run on its own. The initial goal started at raising their annual revenue from $480,000 to around $650,000. After being consistent with their direct marketing strategy, Dad’s Automotive has seen incredible growth. Last year they just hit $1.1 million in revenue!

By knowing their value as a trustworthy service shop, investing in the growth of the business, and being active in their community, they can continue providing good jobs to their technicians and offer the best service to their customers.

“It’s important to better your community. Everyone wants to change the world, but if you just focus on the people around you and they focus on those around them, then we can better the world.”

—Charlie Mero, Owner & Operator of Dad’s Automotive

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