As we enter 2023, automotive businesses must be ready to evolve with their customers to stay competitive in the market. Crafting engaging content that cuts through the competitive noise of online media and digital advertising is harder than ever.

Focusing on modern marketing strategies that speak to your target audience while encouraging them to come back is key to the success of your auto repair business.

Automotive Strategies to Shape a Profitable 2023

In today’s market, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to determine the best strategy to reach your auto repair customers. That’s why it’s best to incorporate a healthy mix of the following marketing trends.

  • Digital Advertising — The automotive industry’s digital marketing spend in 2022 grew to $17 billion and will continue to rise in 2023. Social media marketing, search engine optimization, and pay-per-click campaigns should all be a part of your strategic plan to accelerate sales and attract new customers.
  • Mobile Marketing — Not only is mobile marketing and optimization recommended for businesses, but it’s also now expected by consumers. We consume most content in the palm of our hands, which is why mobile content is crucial for growth.
  • Direct Mail — Cookie-cutter, generic campaigns are out for good and won’t make the cut in 2023. Highly targeted direct mail campaigns offer instant credibility and effectively entice customers so your business stays relevant and ahead of competitors.

Setting Yourself Apart From the Competition

To attract the modern buyer, you must balance personalized advertising campaigns, provide a solid offer, and create enriching content. Take your business a step further and set yourself apart from the competition by also:

  • Optimizing online content for voice search to enhance the customer experience. Twenty-seven percent of people are using voice searches on mobile, and while search engines are getting smarter, we expect the algorithms to push this kind of content. More conversational keywords and long-tail keywords will hold higher priority in 2023.
  • Leveraging award-winning customer service at every interaction. Customers want to trust their repair shop and feel assured the prices aren’t inflated. Good customer service goes a long way with your potential prospects.
  • Taking advantage of the rise of artificial intelligence (AI). AI is now powering businesses through the use of chatbots, campaign customization, and data analysis for better audience insights and reach. We expect to see more innovative use of AI throughout 2023.
  • Preparing for uncertainty as trends change and the industry evolves. If there’s anything we’ve learned from the past few years, it’s that automotive businesses must be ready to pivot and reshape their marketing plan throughout the year.

Cars are a big investment, and your customers want to know they are taking their vehicle somewhere they trust. That’s why building value in your auto repair services is important while cultivating lasting customer relationships.

Ready to drive more new customers to your business? Contact us today to stay proactive with your marketing strategy and work with our leading industry experts to start shaping a successful year.

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