If you’re wondering when to hire a marketing agency, chances are you have some reservations about the idea. Who knows how to better leverage the uniqueness of your company than you, right?

Having a professional, experienced marketing partner has countless benefits, but today we’re sharing five reasons you might be on the fence about hiring an agency.

Reason #1: Your website gets TONS of traffic already.

Lots of traffic equates to lots of leads, right?

But what if you’re seeing a high CTR (click-through-rate) without the conversions? An agency may be just what you need to generate sales-ready leads and get those new customers to your door. A marketing specialist can assess your current digital footprint and advise you about how to optimize your site and boost your website traffic.

Reason #2: You don’t have the time and energy to fully dedicate yourself to a marketing agency.

Time constraints are understandable. When you hire an agency to help you with your marketing, It’s going to take some dedication in the beginning. The agency will need to partner with you to review your current marketing tactics and goals, and learn everything they can about your business. This will be a team effort on both sides.

But here’s the reality: if you take on the challenge of creating and implementing a marketing strategy on your own, that time requirement would skyrocket. Letting industry experts execute your ad campaigns can actually save you more time so you can focus on other areas of your business.

Reason #3: You aren’t interested in an outside perspective.

Enlisting the help of an external team may come with a particularly distasteful aspect: honest feedback. The one thing everyone wants to hear is reassurance that you’re doing all of the right things. No one wants to hear what they are doing wrong (or could be doing better).

Well, this idea is a double-edged sword.

If you always hear that you’re doing all of the right things, you may not see any reason to change or improve for the better, which can limit your business potential. 

While it’s great to celebrate your business’ strengths, that is not what a marketing agency does. In order to improve, it’s important to get honest feedback from someone who is engaged and committed to the success of your business. Exploring new marketing tactics with help from an outside source may transform your business into one that is even more prosperous and efficient.

Reason #4: You can’t afford the costs of a marketing agency.

You may be thinking an in-house team is perfect for you — you won’t have that extra expense of hiring an agency. But when comparing in-house vs. agency costs, which one really wins out?

Person looking at spreadsheets

Take a look at these average numbers below to draw your own conclusions:

  • The average cost of a marketing agency starts anywhere between $2,500 and $5,000 per month
  • According to Salary.com the average for one marketing manager is roughly $105,000, over $8,000 per month for just one person of your team

Having qualified, in-house marketing professionals on your team can make your payroll costs skyrocket.

Agencies provide you with an entire team of trained professionals who have proven experience to back them up, and as you may have realized, it’s typically the more affordable choice.

By choosing to hire an in-house marketer, you lose out on the resources, wealth of knowledge, and experience that an agency can offer you. If you already have an in-house team, this doesn’t mean you can’t also benefit from hiring an agency. The broader skill sets they can bring to the table are essential and can supplement the weaknesses of your in-house team, while they focus on their strengths. 

Reason #5: You aren’t looking for results.

As a business owner, you already have a lot of things on your plate, and marketing doesn’t need to be one of them. But what is the one thing that’s going to make running a business worthwhile? Results — seeing that the work you put in is actually paying off.

An agency can drive results and introduce speed and efficiency into your marketing process. An agency has experience running campaigns day in and day out, so they are going to know what works. They can even refine your existing approach, and develop a successful strategy.

That’s what we do!

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