If you haven’t begun planning for your 2022 marketing strategy, now is the time to start. As we get closer to the holidays, and the year comes to a close, you’ll need to start thinking about your strategies and budgets. This is the time to review your previous efforts and create your plan of action.

It sounds obvious, but without a solid plan, your business won’t have a set direction on what it takes to achieve your goals.  If you want to be able to see growth and continued success, you need to create a solid marketing strategy. 

Why is your marketing strategy so important?

Creating a marketing strategy should be the first thing you do before allocating any funds or investing time and resources into new marketing campaigns. This will set you up for success before your new fiscal year begins. 

I’m sure you have a ton of ideas for the coming year, but as noted in the Harvard Business Review, being innovative with your business is not enough. You also must have a carefully crafted plan and strategy for your marketing tactics.

Having a well-thought-out, documented marketing strategy is crucial to your business’ success. In fact, your business is 313% more likely to see success as a result. Thinking about the long-term effects of the decisions you make as a business will help you sustain your competitive advantage.

2022 marketing

Benefits to building a marketing strategy now

Here are some reasons to start working on a strategy now, before we turn the calendar to a brand new year: 

Keep everything timely

Create a timeline and start building your strategy now. Timing is critical and this will keep everyone on task and focused with a schedule in mind.

  • Stop procrastinating. By continuing to procrastinate, you’re only hurting yourself while your competitors are getting ahead. Get started today and stay ahead of the curve.
  • Be proactive. Instead of being reactive, be proactive with your planning. Evaluate how you are allocating your resources, is it working? Should something change? If you are lackluster and complacent with your marketing, you are much less likely to reach your goals. Based on a recent marketing survey, marketers who are proactive with their marketing plan are 356% more likely to report success. Those are huge odds for being on top of your strategy.
  • Work with a professional. Once you’ve developed your plan, working with a professional will ensure you keep things on track —and keep money coming in!

Provide your business direction

Beginning to work on your strategy now can help you build focus and clarity for your future plans (and future success). Many companies without a marketing strategy don’t have a clear goal in mind, making actionable steps harder to make, and growth even harder.

By starting now, you can spend more time understanding what your goals really are and creating SMART marketing objectives to guide your strategic planning.

Analyze your marketing campaigns and plan to shift your strategy

Now that the year is coming to an end, it’s time to analyze your previous campaigns, your audience, your strengths, your weaknesses — anything that will help determine which future strategies will get the best results.

Building a strategy now will make managing resources more effective and gives you more time to look at predictions for 2022 and implement any new marketing trends, preparing your business to achieve your growth goals.

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