Facebook remains one of the most widely used social platforms, often checked multiple times daily by its users. Over 90 million small businesses are using Facebook to connect with customers and around 2.41 billion users are active every month. Because of its high volume of users, Facebook can offer your practice the opportunity for increased visibility and higher conversion rates.

If you’re ready to turbocharge your advertising, increase your visibility, and grow your practice, follow these five tips for dental marketing:

  1. Create relevant ads
  2. Optimize your budget
  3. Use advanced targeting tools
  4. Leverage video ads
  5. Track your ad progress

In this blog post, we’ll go over all five tips for helping your practice attract more patients through the power of Facebook ads.

Create relevant ads

Your ads need to convince viewers to take action, whether it’s signing up for promotional emails or calling to make an appointment. To get those new patients through the door, you’ll want to leverage Facebook Lead Ads and craft relevant messaging.

Your ads should be relatable to your target audience, reflect your brand story, and clearly demonstrate why viewers should take action.

Optimize your budget

When you first create an ad, you can set a budget based on a daily metric or the life of the ad. By properly adjusting your budget, you can maximize the use of your money. It’s important to focus on setting a budget based on goals that are realistic, attainable, and offer opportunities for positive growth.

By using Facebook Ads Manager, you can track how your ads are performing in real time and see if they’re hitting performance goals. This feature makes monitoring and adjusting your ads on Facebook simple and easy.

Use advanced targeting tools

Facebook offers tools that allow you to define certain audiences by specifying location, demographics, behavior, and more. By using these powerful tools, you can connect your practice with the most relevant custom audience. 

People who already know your brand and are interested in what you have to offer are more likely to take action. Therefore, it’s smart to try retargeting people who already know about you or have a previous relationship with your business. For example, you could retarget people who have visited your Facebook page or website.

Leverage video ads

Video media is on the rise, and it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon — 92% of marketers say video is an important part of their marketing strategy. To keep up with the times, dental practices need to incorporate video into their social media advertising.

Video is a medium with great storytelling potential, which can drive positive results and get you more patients. By sharing short video media, you can attract new audience members and boost social engagement.

You could, for example, showcase your friendly office staff or have a dentist or hygienist explain why it’s so important to get regular cleanings. That type of content tends to be far more engaging than a generic image ad.

Track your ad progress

An important part of achieving growth with Facebook ads is to track that growth.

When you monitor your ads, you gain valuable insight into relevant analytics. In other words, you learn which areas of your campaign are working, and which are not.

This is helpful for deciding whether you need to alter your budget, audience, or another aspect of your campaign to make it more successful. Optimization will ultimately save you money and bring more patients into your dental practice.


As one of the most-used social media platforms, Facebook is a powerful tool for reaching potential patients (and engaging existing patients). If you’re ready to take advantage of what a strategic Facebook marketing strategy can do for your practice, consider working with an experienced dental marketing company like UpSwell.

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