There are numerous – even infinite – options when it comes to driving traffic to your website. With so many options, it’s important that you focus on activities that will attract the most valuable customers to your site.

When we talk about driving more traffic to your website, it’s essential to diversify how your traffic is reaching your site so you gain the most exposure to those most interested in your services. Don’t rely on just one form of online marketing, otherwise, you could be losing out on maximizing the traffic to your website.

The Importance of Traffic

If you aren’t using online marketing tactics to aren’t drive visitors to your site, you could be losing visitors to your competitors’ sites. By focusing on getting more eyes on your website, your business will gain more exposure and reach customers that are actually interested in your services.

In order to see long-term revenue gains, updating your marketing strategy with the goal in mind to increase website traffic is a good place to start. Offering your prospects new, high-quality content will give them more opportunities to find you and reasons to stay longer on your site, which results in new leads and conversions. Here are some tips for offering valuable content to drive more traffic to your site:

  • Incorporate email marketing into your strategy
  • Actively post on social media, engaging with your following
  • Target long-tail keywords for more specific searches
  • Make your site mobile-responsive and easy to navigate
  • Start including guest blogs

Why it’s Important to Drive the Right Traffic

It may seem like a rhetorical question to ask, “Why do I want more traffic on my website?” – of course, you want more traffic! That means more sales, right? Well, not necessarily, unless you are targeting the right traffic.

One thing to remember, not all of your site visits are going to result in sales, but if you can target the most relevant groups possible rather than every single user out there, you will see a much higher conversion rate and an increase in profits.

Pro Tip: Keep in mind that more traffic doesn’t always mean more sales. Focus more on driving users who are already interested in your services back to your site, you may see more meaningful engagement and higher conversion rates. Which sounds better: 100 visitors on your site with a 20% conversion rate or 1000 visitors with only a 1% conversion rate?

Five Ways to Get More Eyes on Your Website

Here are some specific strategies we recommend for generating high-quality traffic:

  1. Social Media Ads: Social media platforms offer ways to promote a branded ad campaign to quickly and effectively connect your business with your ideal buyers. These platforms allow you to be very selective with who you are targeting and offer them highly personalized content to raise brand awareness and encourage sales.
  2. Display Ads / Retargeting: This is a great way to keep your business in front of your interested customers. Both of these strategies re-engage your potential customers with your targeted ads.
  3. Search Engine Optimization (SEO): By following proven SEO strategies to improve the quality and relevancy of your content, you can gain more organic visibility and potential website traffic.
  4. Pay-Per-Click (PPC): Alternatively, PPC can be a very profitable way to generate website visits even though you’re paying for them. If you target the right keywords and channels with this strategy, you could see much faster results.
  5. Direct Mail: As they say, direct mail is not dead — it is, however, underappreciated among new digital content strategies. Direct mail can be a more personal, physical way to engage with your prospects.

Are you looking to improve your website rankings and increase traffic to your site? We can help – as leaders in omnichannel local marketing, we will help to upscale your website traffic and get you on the right track to more meaningful connections and conversions. Give us a call for a free marketing assessment today!

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