The automotive industry embraced the uncertainty of the pandemic and has seen some massive changes. Demand is back on the rise, but successful marketing takes more planning, strategy, and cross-channel connection to engage with and keep consumer attention. We have seen a significant shift toward digital marketing solutions, and automotive businesses must hit the ground running.

Take a look at these three ways the auto industry has changed forever.

    • 1. Digital can no longer be ignored.
      More businesses are turning to digital media to meet the rise in online media consumption. Your customers want the convenience of making appointments and getting estimates online. Reaching your audience through search, social media, like Facebook, and text marketing hits them when they are seeking your services and increases engagement —also boosting customer satisfaction.
      Take a look at these statistics to see how things have shifted gears toward digital marketing for the automotive industry:

      • Around 87 percent of consumers begin searching for automotive services online. That includes using social media, online and local searches to find the services they need.
      • 80 percent of social media users are likely to try a new service provider if that service provider is liked by a friend or family member.
      • Search remains the most commonly used research tool for the industry, and consumers are 28 times more likely to convert when they click on an ad after an automotive search
    • 2. Consumers want rich content experiences more than ever.
      Customer expectations have changed. According to a consumer study, 73% are willing to spend more money on a brand they love, pointing out the importance of the customer experience. Your auto repair brand has a story, and your customers want to feel emotionally invested in the businesses they support. So make it personal, introduce your team through social media reels, and focus on storytelling. You should also show your industry leadership by including car care tips or educational videos in your content plan.Think about how your customers are interacting and finding your auto shop. Create a rich brand experience around those touchpoints that builds awareness and position your auto shop as a knowledgeable, trusted source.
  • 3. High-fidelity data is leading the way.
    To deliver these rich content experiences, access to clean data that accurately measures the performance of your marketing strategies is a must. With high fidelity data, you’ll gain key consumer insights and can track users across both digital and physical brand interactions to deliver meaningful and relevant experiences.An anonymous viewer who visits your site is an example of low fidelity data. With little to no access to their information, you can’t accurately serve relevant ads or content. Third-party cookies track the necessary advertising data, offering remnants of consumer information such as buyer behaviors, intent, and personal interests.

Be prepared: marketing is constantly changing.

In the coming years, we can expect challenges that make consumer insights even more valuable. Google anticipates a depreciation of third-party tracking in 2023. They plan to launch a new initiative to protect consumers’ privacy. Advertisers will need to remain vigilant and adapt.

New demands for behavioral insights, a rise in accessibility to consumers, and digital convenience to improve the customer journey are the frontrunners of the automotive marketing landscape. Automotive businesses will need to be prepared to pivot their strategy to stay ahead of the competition.

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