The summer season greeted us with gas prices at record highs, which is expected to extend through the winter months. After two years of restrictions, consumers are getting creative with ways to stay on the move.

Give your auto repair customers what they want: keep them on the move

While driving regularly has become expensive for many, it’s still an affordable alternative to air and rail travel. 

Here are some of our automotive marketing tips to keep your customers on the move and returning for routine maintenance:

  1. Educate your customers. Some consumers are deferring maintenance on their vehicles to combat the expense of higher gas prices. They spend less time on the road and assume regular maintenance isn’t necessary. While this may seem like a money-saving tactic at the moment, it will cost them more in the long run and even hurt the longevity of their vehicle. Educate your customers on what could happen without vehicle upkeep or even what could happen if they don’t drive it, such as:
  • Flat tires and low pressure
  • Stale fluids and oils
  • Battery losing charge
  • Exterior damage from natural elements
  1. Leverage social media ads to provide consumers with preventative maintenance offers. Your customers will resonate with content that helps them save money. The soaring gas prices have affected consumer habits, but your customers still want to find ways to keep their travel plans, maximize fuel efficiency, and save directly at the pump. Use this as an opportunity to target your customers on social media and through digital advertising, connecting them with relevant maintenance offers, building credible leads, and creating rich content experiences
  2. Expand your enticing direct mail campaign to build and maintain your car count. Your consumers are cost-conscious, and we are seeing a dip in the numbers for those looking to spend on auto repair. Because of the changes in buying behaviors, it’s becoming much harder to drive traffic and keep customers coming back for routine maintenance. By expanding the distribution levels of your direct mail campaign, you will maintain your car count and see more growth. 

Gas spike leads to more “Staycations” and opportunities for auto repair

Due to the spike in gas prices, many consumers opted for a summer vacation at home to cut back on gas purchases and travel expenses. Although there is a slight downturn in drivers on the road, that doesn’t mean your auto repair shop should lose business.

Your customers still have the itch to travel, even more so than they did two summers ago. Use this as an opportunity to empower them to keep their vacation plans. Position your auto repair brand’s messaging to express empathy and show that you understand their struggle. Let them know there are other ways to cut costs while keeping their travel plans and returning for continued vehicle maintenance.

If you’re looking for a marketing solution to bring more customers to your doors, our full-service auto shop marketing specialists are here to help! Contact us today for a free marketing assessment to get started.

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