One of the biggest challenges as a wellness practitioner is choosing where to allocate your advertising investments and ensuring your message gets seen. Most of your marketing efforts to reach new patients likely take place online, and that’s a good thing!

It’s natural to embrace digital marketing channels when we spend so much of our time online. However, with direct mail boasting one of the highest ROIs out there (—at about 29%) and an open rate of up to 90%, it should be a top contender as part of your marketing mix. Direct mail is especially effective because it offers an inexpensive way to present a clear, physical message to prospective patients.

Finding success with “snail mail” is easier than you think, and these expert tips will help guide you on your next campaign.

  1. Prioritizing your marketing spend in the planning stage

One of the most important things you can do for yourself, and your business, is to get ahead in the planning stage and prioritize your budget. When looking at your direct mail marketing campaign, you’ll need to decide the best way to maximize your marketing dollars.

Consider both your reach and frequency for the best results. Your reach has to do with the total number of people your mailer gets exposed to, while frequency has to do with the number of times a single person on your mailing list gets exposed to the same message.

The best strategy for your mailing schedule involves exposing your prospects to the same message multiple times to elicit an action. Prioritizing frequency is a much more profitable tactic and continues building upon a relationship with your existing customer or prospective patient.

  1. Letting direct and digital collide: a unified front

You may have heard the phrase omnichannel marketing, but what does that mean?

You may already utilize several digital channels such as email marketing for patient correspondence, pay-per-click ads to boost your visibility on Google, and social media for targeting look-alike audiences to find new patients sharing similar attributes with your existing customer base. Although these digital strategies all go hand-in-hand, adding a physical channel to your marketing mix, such as direct mail marketing, opens new opportunities for patient engagement and allows you to build upon a cohesive message across platforms, leading to:

    • Better patient retention
    • Improved satisfaction
    • Smoother patient journey
    • More revenue growth
  1. Building brand memorability through creativity

Every day we are being bombarded with brand imagery, products, and services, whether it be from our phones and tablets or billboards and magazine ads —no one slips by unaffected. Improving your brand memorability keeps your business at the forefront of your patients’ minds when choosing your services.

Eye-catching, intentional use of color can improve brand recognition by 80%, and by using creative, customized content will not only promote your brand but inspire your audience to choose you and share their experience.

Direct mail gives you unlimited possibilities for creativity with the design, form, and function of your mailer. Be careful not to overwhelm your readers with too many visual elements. Simple but engaging images work best.

Consumers enjoy receiving direct mail, and it can give your wellness practice the push it needs to gain and retain more patients. So whether you’re a chiropractor, dentist, or alternative medicine practitioner ready to take the next step toward growing your practice, the experts at UpSwell are here to help. Contact us to start your free marketing assessment with an industry specialist.

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