Search is changing, and search engine optimization (SEO) no longer remains synonymous with Google, which once held the vast majority of our attention for the instant gratification of knowledge and search capabilities.

The lines are blurring in marketing strategies as rankings on search engine result pages may soon take a backseat to social interactions.

Continue reading to learn more about how search behaviors are changing in favor of social media and how this affects businesses.

The Rise of Social Search

Social media platforms are now entering the scene as the primary place where search happens. This new shift is driven by a younger generation, who value the immediacy, interactivity, and visual appeal of social media. 

However, this change shouldn’t come as a huge surprise. After all, where are we spending a sizable chunk of our waking hours? Scrolling through social media platforms —more than two and a half hours a day on average.

Today, when people want to find a new restaurant, learn about the latest trends, or solve a problem, they’re increasingly turning to platforms like Facebook, Instagram, or X; even TikTok or Reddit discussions instead of immediately googling it.

Not only that, these platforms are responding to this preference by incorporating more sophisticated search functionalities, allowing users to find specific content, products, and services without ever leaving the platform.

What is Social Media SEO?

We understand social media is a powerful, relevant tool, but what exactly is social media SEO? 

Social media SEO is the act of optimizing your social profiles to improve online visibility within the platform. With more engagement and traffic to your page, comes better brand awareness and more opportunities for growing your audience (—and yes, it can even positively affect your ranking on traditional search engines, driving more traffic to your website).

The huge potential offered by social media makes understanding each platform’s unique algorithms and optimizing your content for these social search engines a must-have component for any modern SEO strategy.

Tips to Rank Better in Social Search

Here are a few of our best practices that you should keep in mind when mapping out your new social SEO strategy:

  • Create keyword-rich content and don’t forget about alt-text. Using relevant hashtags is a great way to include keywords, but what’s more important is incorporating those keywords into your name, bio, and captions. Facebook, Instagram, X, and LinkedIn all also have an alt text feature where you can describe the image, incorporating these important keywords.
  • Use visually appealing, high-quality images. Social media platforms are highly visual places to promote your business, and a good-quality photo or video will go a long way.
  • Actively engage with your target audience. Active engagement shows that your content is valuable and interesting to users, prompting the algorithm to rank your posts higher in social searches and feeds.
  • Use paid social media advertising. Paid tactics increase visibility on search and discovery pages while allowing you to target key demographics to reach even more relevant users.

Your Social SEO Strategy

Social media has breached a territory previously dominated by search engines, and what was once a clear-cut strategy to improve website visibility has evolved into something more. This doesn’t, however, mean Google is becoming obsolete, just that the avenues through which people access information are diversifying.
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