With everything that’s going on, people have loads of time on their hands to consume digital content. Everyone is relying more heavily on their phones and social media (Facebook alone saw a 70% increase in its member usage last month) for coronavirus-related news, positivity, and reigniting a sense of community that seems to have been lost to the COVID-19 pandemic.

We have put together some dos and don’ts for your social media strategy that will keep you on track through COVID-19 and could even gain you new, quality leads in the process.

Do –

Share interactive social media posts. Using interactive post topics to get engagement flowing and your audience more involved. Your viewers will spend more time and get more value from your social posts when it prompts their participation. Take the following for examples of interactive content that can build a positive online community:

  • Post reassuring messages
  • Conduct surveys/polls
  • Create a virtual scavenger hunts
  • Run contests
  • Broadcast live video content on a consistent schedule
  • Host a watch party

Reach out and connect with your audience. Challenge your audience to participate in online activities. Started as a way to inspire at-home workouts for staying fit, the #see10do10 challenge is a great example of a simple activity that went viral. Actively motivating your followers during this crisis will help your brand stay relevant and consistently in front of your audience.

Have empathy and listen. It has been a tough time for, well, everyone, as we try to establish ourselves in this new normal. With so much gloom and doom on the news, we are in need of more compassion and empathy for our community, for our customers, and for each other. Your viewers will appreciate the positivity and your awareness. Share good news and keep the content as light as possible — while still showing compassion for our current state.

Match the right content to the right network. Each social media platform has its own intended purpose, use — and audience. To be successful in sharing your messages, you want to be sure your content works with the network you are posting to – or to tailor your message as needed.

But there are so many platforms, where do I start?

Not to worry, here is a quick overview of the big ones to get you going:

Instagram is primarily a place for visual content such as photos, inspirational quotes, and stories.
Tip: consider using the Instagram stories feature to host weekly video sessions to answer customer questions and connect with your audience through a live channel.

Facebook is mostly used for curated content and videos on a casual and comfortable platform. It is also commonly used for business posts that relate to operational updates.
Tip: pin a post to the top of your page to inform your audience about the impacts COVID-19 has on your business. This could include a change of hours, call wait times, and alternative contact options.

LinkedIn is used to connect with other business professionals and is a great place for industry-focused messages.

Don’t –

Use this as a sales opportunity. There is a time and place for blatant marketing and this is not it! Your goal should be to focus on positive outreach. Think about how or what you can offer your clients to make them feel encouraged and a part of your community.

Post content just for the sake of content. We must be deliberate and intentional in our social media content. Being quick and to the point will have a greater impact on your readers than flooding them with multiple, unnecessary posts that they think are just plain annoying.

The Tool for “Good”

Social media can be a powerful tool. Being proactive, using online platforms to empathize, support, and encourage others, will not only benefit your community of followers but also will result in better engagement for your business. If you have any questions or need help customizing your social media marketing plan, we are here to help. Stay safe everyone!

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