For the first time ever, digital advertising will surpass direct mail in local ad spending, making it the largest advertising channel to use in 2022, according to BIA/Kelsey’s local advertising forecast. The US advertising market is expected to increase to $161.5 billion, with mobile spending accounting for around 21% of the market.

The time Americans spend on mobile will account for 54% of nearly eight hours that are spent daily consuming digital media. The rise in mobile usage has been driven by the lifestyle changes that came from the pandemic and will result in businesses spending more of their marketing dollars on mobile ads in the coming years.

Why are mobile ads so effective?

Marketing is making a clear shift to cater to mobile users as people spend more time on their smartphones and tablets. Mobile ads are a great way to drive sales and generate leads, offering precise targeting and relevant content to local users.


Tips to create a successful mobile ad strategy

Consider these three tips when you begin building your 2022 mobile marketing strategy:

1.   Reach customers in-app on their mobile devices.

Mobile-web and browser-based advertising isn’t the only way to reach your customers. Eighty-nine percent of mobile media time is spent in-app, so if you aren’t taking advantage of this, you’re severely missing out on a huge opportunity. Many are using their phone in apps, so why not target them right from the same place?

2.   Focus on the user experience.

Creating a positive (–or negative) user experience affects the way your brand is viewed. Users want a seamless experience with a personalized advertisement that speaks to their specific needs.

3.   Mobile-first and multichannel creatives.

Create a strategy starting with mobile. Many users will be viewing your ad on a mobile device, but it should translate well across multiple digital media channels. Tailoring the ad experience based on the user channel will enhance the experience and lead to more conversions.


What to expect from mobile in 2022

With the work-from-home lifestyle shift, many changes came to mobile advertising over the past year, and we expect these new media habits to continue in 2022. There was a boost in e-commerce, 5G has led to a push for rich, interactive experiences, and the way we are streaming content has changed to focus more on mobile media consumption (such as with the rise of TikTok).

We expect to see more social commerce from 2022, with retailers using the power of social media to drive sales and offer incentives. Mobile targeting will continue to be a powerful tool for reaching a designated audience, and digital advertising will favor video content to engage and entertain viewers.

The way we reach and interact with customers is rapidly transforming in favor of mobile advertising and more engaging visual content. If you’re ready to start planning for your business’s future with a mobile ad strategy, contact the marketing experts at UpSwell today!

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