It’s almost that time again. Yes, we are discussing New Year’s, one of the most popular times for someone to decide they want a new lease on their health and life. With New Year’s comes the promise of change and rebirth. Many people find gyms a great way to accomplish this by working out to achieve the body and healthy weight they lack. Others see it as the perfect time to catch up on missed opportunities in the past to keep in shape more regularly. Whatever the reason is, having ways to boost your gym’s membership is key to making the most out of the New Year’s season.

While working out and exercising are often key components to keeping in shape, many gyms offer other resources. These can include diet planning, fitness programs for light exercising that are intended for therapeutic use and muscle upkeep, as well as your typical exercise and weight loss programs designed to help a variety of clients and body types. The easiest way to get the most clients into your gym for these things is to have a clear marketing plan. Catching their attention will be key to bringing members into your gym, which means having a clear marketing plan that targets their desires most will be important. Some of these ideas can include customer appreciation sales, bundling services, and offering unique services like online physical training courses.

Your Website Is Your Frontline

When doing any type of marketing for a business, it’s important to make sure websites are clear and easy to navigate. Your messaging should be concise and focused. Tailoring your website to have a landing page that answers a client’s basic questions and readily provides knowledge about your services will help. Landing pages are your initial page for your website when loaded in a browser and can be very useful for getting your primary points across to a customer.

Designing a landing page is usually an easy process. There are tools available that can help design them, and many include template pages to work from. Always remember to keep your brief as short as possible so the customer doesn’t lose interest. Also, make sure you include the highlighted points you want to get across as well. These can be anything from your current sale prices to bundles you have planned out. The more you have to offer, the more members you will potentially earn.

Also, keep in mind that your page’s SEO should send people to your landing page. Improving a page’s SEO is important since this is your main method of being found on the internet. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, and without it, your website won’t show up easily in searches on the web. An easy way to accomplish this is by using common phrases in your SEO tags. Researching what phrases will get your site the most hits in a search return can help expand your reach significantly. Always make sure that the content in your ads is consistent with your page and business’s message.

Your Reviews Are Your Image

While word of mouth has always been important in small communities, it also extends into the broader world of marketing. Customer reviews are your lifeblood for how a business is seen in its community. If your members have bad things to say about your club, its employees, or your services, then it will look bad on your business overall. Improving how customers see your gym and experience it is important.

Reviews are the best way for other members to see what kind of experience to expect. Having reviews listed on a landing page can catch the attention of anyone interested but not ready to convert. Your positive reviews can help in this regard. Online reviews can be just as powerful as personal recommendations from family and friends. They help increase trust in your business while also allowing members to see information not always present on your page.

If you need to freshen up or add to your reviews, you can run a promotion asking your members to review your services. Be specific on where you would like their reviews to be. Using places like Facebook and Yelp can help increase your exposure and help with customer retention.

Targeting The Right Promotions

The most important thing to remember when targeting promotions to attract members is which types of customers you’re attracting. Many gyms offer bundles for families, groups, and businesses. These can attract a lot of members during the new year since that’s the best time to find resolution-ers looking for a gym. These can include groups of friends looking to stay in shape, businesses looking for healthy perks for employees, and families wanting to improve their health together.

In most cases, marketing to these groups will be very different from each other. When marketing to businesses you can include a variety of packages that families and groups of friends wouldn’t be interested in. Families, on the other hand, often look for dietary help as well as weight loss. Packages for groups of friends should vary though since they can include work friends, sports teams, and other groups.

It’s also a smart move to include plans for solo members who want to work out alone. These memberships can be custom-tailored to suit their needs, as well as bundles they can choose from. Many resolution-ers during the new year will be individuals looking for a new gym or membership to get back on track. A good idea to include for these members would be online physical training and coaching. Online programs allow individuals to work out from home without feeling self-conscious.


Following our tips here can help improve the reach of your gym and retain the members you obtain. In most cases, running any business can be both time-consuming and stressful. Finding the right balance between what you offer your members and how you tell them can be the defining point in your business plan. For more information on boosting gym memberships and keeping your customers for the long term, contact the fitness marketing experts to learn more.

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