New Year, new beginnings, new you! The new year is perfect for refreshing and refocusing your dental marketing. It’s a great time to strengthen your marketing strategies to reach new potential patients and show off their best smile.

Prepare your dental practice for 2022

We have put together the following dental marketing checklist to prepare you for 2022. But before you get started, ask yourself these three questions:

1.  Are you creating content that is engaging and reaching the right audience?
Quality, relevant content is key to engaging your target audience. Understanding the needs of your current patients and the dental patient journey is the first step.

2.  Is your website optimized to increase patient appointments and conversions?
Your website needs more than just good looks to convert your visitors. In early 2021, 54.8% of website traffic came from a mobile device, so it’s essential that your website is mobile-friendly, loads quickly, and offers an easy way to schedule an appointment.

3.  Is your marketing plan setting you up for long-term growth?
Consider the impact your marketing plans have on your long-term success. To grow your dental practice, don’t just focus on your short-term goals.


Once you have reviewed these questions and applied them to your dental practice, build a strategy to start your New Year off right.

1.    Adjust your marketing objectives

Do they still align with your long-term goals? Are they direct, clear, and concise? Attracting more new patients in the new year, increasing your ROI, and growing your brand awareness are all great goals to have, but you need very specific and measurable marketing objectives to make that happen.

For example, your goal may be to get more patients to your dental office in 2022, but you need an objective that sounds more attainable and timely such as “increase new patient appointments by 12% in the first quarter of 2022.” This way, at the end of Q1, you can see if you met the mark or if you need to adjust.


2.   Review your dental marketing budget

Budget planning is crucial to the success of your campaigns and will determine whether you reach your objectives throughout the year. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to your budget, but you can start by conducting a competitor’s analysis to see what your competition is doing for their marketing so you can stay ahead.


3.   Analyze the success of your current campaigns and marketing strategy

Be sure your efforts are driving meaningful conversions and reaching your audience. The average conversion rate for the dental industry across marketing channels is 2.3%, while 2.7% comes from direct marketing and 1.9% from paid search.


4.   Run a SWOT analysis

You’ll gain insight into your strengths, weaknesses, areas of opportunity, and threats to your business, such as new competitors or a negative online reputation. This will help you discover where you excel, where your practice lacks, and where you can benefit from improvements.


5.   Train your office staff for the new year

A thorough and consistent plan for training your staff will improve your customer experience and even lead to more scheduled appointments. Train your staff on any new technology in your office, the benefits of your offered procedures, and phone scripts to elevate the patient experience.


6.   Set realistic goals for growing your dental practice in 2022

We already talked about needing specific objectives that help you reach your goals, but you also need to think about what those goals are for your practice. What is it that you want to accomplish in 2022?

If you’re ready to ring in the new year and attract new patients to grow your business, contact the experts at UpSwell. We are here to help —and that’s something to smile about.

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