The future of direct mail marketing is bright. In a world that has such a strong digital presence, direct mail marketing will continue to thrive, bringing businesses more engagement and profitability. Direct mail’s tactile quality and personalization greatly impact consumer attention in a highly digital-saturated market.

If you’re looking to grow and direct mail is not a part of your 2022 marketing strategy, it needs to be —and it’s not too late. Use these direct mail tips to prepare for a bright new year.

Say “sayonara” to mass mail blasts

Goodbye and good riddance to the same generic and overused mailers. Say hello to smaller, personalized campaigns. With the highly sophisticated targeting abilities available, you can get laser-focused with the audiences you reach with personalized messages just for them.

Mass mail blasts aren’t as sustainable as they once were. This generation has more socially aware and emotionally connected buyers who want to connect with the brands they buy from. With better targeting strategies and the personalization that consumers want in 2022, you will experience higher open rates, and your prospects will be more inspired to take action.

Enhance your direct mail strategy with omnichannel marketing

Focus on an omnichannel strategy to turn browsers into buyers, as the saying goes. When using an omnichannel approach, you’ll build more brand awareness, generate higher quality leads, and build better customer relationships.

According to NAPCO Research, 84% of marketers agree that direct mail drastically improves digital campaign performance. When you combine direct mail with digital and social channels, you’ll see an increase in conversion rates and overall ROI. 

Regularly check your campaign performance metrics

Set regular performance checks to track your campaigns and measure their effectiveness. Test often to see what works and what doesn’t for your industry, then refine your campaigns to make the biggest impact.

Include B2B direct mail in your campaign strategy

The post-pandemic world is still seeing lingering effects and in-person business events are drawing smaller crowds. B2B direct mail is a great way to network with your community and draw the support of local businesses.

In the absence of in-person meetings, direct mail can help to:

  • Establish yourself as an expert in your industry.
  • Build trust within your community.
  • Generate more brand awareness.
  • Make a physical connection with your prospects.

Focus more on bold and colorful design in 2022

The design and packaging of your mailer matters, and there are so many creative possibilities —from die-cut designs, to folded self-mailers, to oversized postcards. The design doesn’t have to be an afterthought or the last step of your direct mail campaign. Getting creative with the design and form factor can generate interest and help it stand out in the mailbox.

Some direct mail pieces will outperform others, so knowing what works for your business is key. For example, oversized mailers have the highest response rate at 5%, while postcards see an average response rate of 4.25%, and letter-sized envelopes at only 3.5%.

We expect to see more campaign strategies with unique designs, richer content, and more meaningful personalization to grab the reader’s attention in the coming year.

If you don’t have your 2022 marketing strategy completely mapped out, don’t worry. It’s not too late to plan for a successful and profitable 2022, and we are here to help. Contact the hyper-local marketing experts at UpSwell to get help in your industry.

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