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auto repair direct mail

Auto Repair Direct Mail – Your “Secret Weapon” To More Cars

By Annie Burch | March 23, 2021

Our auto repair marketing “secret weapon” will help you stand out from competitors and achieve your desired marketing goals.

auto customer satisfaction

Improve Auto Repair Customer Satisfaction

By Annie Burch | March 23, 2021

Our survey results show that consumers are not satisfied with their current auto shop. UpSwell can help by showing you how to improve customer satisfaction.

upswell marketing

Survey Finds that More Americans Plan to Travel by Car in 2021

By Annie Burch | March 17, 2021

UpSwell’s automotive consumer survey unveils key auto repair industry insights for 2021.

upswell marketing

Survey Finds that Most Americans are Not Completely Satisfied with Their Current Auto Service Provider

By Annie Burch | March 17, 2021

UpSwell conducted a consumer survey which provides key insights into consumer attitudes and behavior when it comes to selecting an auto service provider.

How to Attract Customers: Auto Repair Marketing Strategies That Work

By Annie Burch | January 6, 2021

How do potential customers decide where to go for auto repair service? Here are three of the most effective auto repair marketing strategies.

Major Reasons People Are Trashing Your Auto Shop Mailers

By Annie Burch | December 7, 2020

While it can often seem like the results are random, there are reasons why some direct mail campaigns become successful while others get lost in the trash.

Automotive PPC Strategy: How to Improve Your Click-Through Rate

By Annie Burch | October 20, 2020

What is CTR, and how can it help you shape your automotive PPC strategy? Learn how to improve your click-through rates and get the most value from your PPC campaigns.

Fuel Your Brand Awareness With These 5 Tips

By Annie Burch | September 25, 2020

Here are five tips to promote more brand awareness with your auto repair customers, even when their car isn’t currently in the shop.

Auto Repair Shop SEO: 3 Mistakes to Avoid

By Annie Burch | September 23, 2020

When it comes to auto repair shop marketing, the importance of SEO cannot be overlooked. Here are 3 common auto repair shop SEO mistakes to avoid.

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